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10 Best Firefox Add-ons for Android To Ensure Privacy

If you remember, I said this in my live q&a, I’ve talked about the concept of having 2 browsers. 1st is chrome obviously, for regular work, and second is customized version of Firefox, which I’ll use for
private browsing.

Top 10 FireFox Extension you should Try


uBlock origin

YouTube Background Playback Fix

Three Finger Swipe

HTTPS Everywhere

video speed controller

YouTube to MP3 Converter

Dark Background and Light Text

Social Fixer

Self-Destructing Cookies

You can reach me here

Website – http://techwiser.com/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/techwiser
Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/techwiser
Twitter – https://twitter.com/TechWiser
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/techwiser

Which background music did I use?
Loudness & Clarity

What camera do I use?
Canon 70D

What mike do I use?
Blue Yeti and Video Mic pro (depends on requirement)

What tripod do I use?
Manfrotto MVKBFR

What video editor do I use?
Final Cut Pro

My computer do I use?
iMac 2015 for editing and a ThinkPad for casual work


Originally posted 2023-11-16 13:27:22.


  1. How to add vpn extension on Firefox android

  2. I got 2 more useful extensions from this video. Thanks

  3. How i set desktop site on all time this app

  4. Surprise… With the latest version of Firefox for Android… (august 2020) there aren't even 10 add-ons in total !

  5. what is the background music name?

  6. Release a new video with current Top add-ons

  7. Bro please tell me vpn extension because on mobile network we cannot open block website we have use third party vpn app to open block website. Pls reply

  8. Please how do I use the Translate Now addon on Firefox Android? I will really appreciate a video clip if possible.

  9. Get privacy badger, it catches invisible trackers, which are trackers that get past basic blocking .

  10. Please, You need do manual closed captioning (type out) for your videos because your accent is very strong, sorry.

  11. Why add-ons like ublock origin dont work more??? What happen with the add-ons???

  12. Firefox disables U Block Origin and HTTPS Everywhere (and lots of other privacy add ons) because "they cannot be verified for use in Firefox" .

  13. Huge info about firefox add ons

  14. using facebook on firefox is safe ?

  15. The link to phony is not working..got any new links?

  16. Hey bro when i want to install "Three Finger swipe" it shows me that "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox."
    How to fix it

  17. Hey bro when i want to install "Three Finger swipe" it shows me that "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox."
    How to fix it

  18. please make a video on android video downloaders so that we can download video from chrome or firefox in android

  19. N intemdi porra nenhuma

  20. Hey bro plz tell best ad blocker for youtube

  21. Mrinal …please tel if there's any video/youtube downloader for mozilla.And one for opera.Loading speed of Mozilla is too slow.

  22. tell me best high speed browser?

  23. Https everywhere is not installing in my Firefox

  24. which wallpaper app use in your mobile

  25. From where can I download this customized version of firefox

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