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How To Record PS4 Gameplay FOR FREE! 2020 (WITHOUT CAPTURE CARD) 1080pHD Easy

Hey guys, in 2020, There are lots of options for recording video gameplay but this one is free, easy, and works in beautifully in 720p or 1080pHD on the PS4. If any of you run into problems recording your video games, comment and I’ll answer to try to help.

Links to download from YouTube or Twitter:
https://ytmp3.cc/en13 (use MP4 version)


Originally posted 2023-11-16 06:04:04.


  1. This is bullshit. even this video here looks like crap and just convert a video in 1080p doesnt makes the original resolution to 1080p..

  2. I tried and nailed all the steps you said. It's still in 720p (ps4>USB XFated>my pc and guess what it's still 1280X720PIXELS, It's funny how someone is desperate for views and make a boasting liešŸ¤£

  3. Are you sure? I did not See any proof at the end. I don't want to delete my USB content if it does not work making 1080p

  4. is there a way we can get the video clips onto our phones or do we just have to use computers?

  5. Bro when iam recording it is 720p resolution how to record at 1080p plssss tell me…..

  6. So when I upload my clips to my USB flashdrive the gameplay will be in 1080p ?

  7. Hey i like ima try your methond thx

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