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Strongest|GCMV|How Alison and her friends met?|Read desc| #gacha #gcmv #gachaclub

Hello my angels! I hope you enjoyed the video, this took me about 7 or 8 hours to make (almost non-stop too😂) I love making videos and now I have cute cut pro! I used the money I got from my birthday 2 weeks ago so I finally don’t have to only make 30 seconds of a video and put them all together in Kinemaster😂 As usual the music does not belong to me. I have to say this was a nightmare tho, a method I use to help gacha club load is I take 20 screenshots, go to the options, click force keyboard, then click return to title, go back into the game you should get an advertisement. Watch the ad, when it’s over get off gacha club the reset the app, when you go back into it it should be fine, although I’m not 100% sure if that’s the whole thing so if you want to test it I’d recommend changing something small, testing it, then doing whatever you want to do but only if it worked😂 Even then sometimes I’ll go into to many apps after making some of the video so gacha club would reset on its own and I’d loose so much😭😂 There is a bit more but I’ll add a pinned comment so i dont go crazy here, love you my angels❤️😂

Apps used:
Cute cut pro
Gacha club

Website I use to download songs:

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Originally posted 2023-11-15 09:34:35.


  1. Can you do more aftons I luv them

  2. This video has A LOT of mistakes in it😂 I also realised that I forgot to give the small kid at the end horns and a tail like Blake😐 That's because gacha club kept resetting and I was annoyed, you might also notice that I didn't get all the green screen bits😂 Just ignore it, sure I got them all, let me know what other mv's you'd like to see now that I've got cute cut pro!
    Edit: if you realised the title changed it's because I forgot to add the fact this is how Alison met her bffs from aint my fault, it's not the same au but they are the same friends. There are lots of bit at the start where the characters are cut off at their tails and all, that's because I couldn't find a canvas the right size on Ibispaint, I did eventually tho

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