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Chromatic Scale Tutorial

this is how i make chromatics


Originally posted 2023-11-15 06:39:27.


  1. 12:25 Now HOW did that happened? XD

  2. Where did you find the vocal effects that you used at 6:41 ?

  3. Hey man, i downloaded The Melodyne and everything but when i try to record in the audacity The audio dont record and say that the melodyne is using the ASIOALL and the audacity cant record the audio or something, i dont understanded very well can you help me in that?

  4. Where can I get the Saruky voice effects?

  5. how do you make the samples sound so clean?
    because when i do it sounds robotic

  6. do you still have that freddy chromatic bc it’s clean asf

  7. I would use melodyne but I ain't got no pc☹️

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, now I just need a pc!

  9. What was the app that you were using to make the Chromatic Scales? Also, nice vid.

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