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How to Fix a Leaky Outdoor Faucet – DON'T Replace It – Cheap & Easy

Leaky Outdoor Spigots & Faucets can cost you $1,000 a year in water! Fix it in minutes yourself for less than $1 See how fix a leaky faucet & hose bib step by steps for all the most popular types of outdoor faucets, frost free & regular models.

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  2. Does anyone has advice on how to remove the gasket on Bent Nose Valve ? The gasket is bigger than the valve body opening and cannot get it out

  3. I have a frost free one and keep replacing the washer and after a few uses it starts leaking again.

  4. Can I use the same methods to fix a leak when I turn on the spigot? It’s fully off when I turn it off. When I open it all the way it kinda stops the leak. It’s the anti freeze one with long valve

  5. Thank you. This video is extraordinarily helpful.

  6. i have that problem in my bathroom where the water wont stop running from cold water pipe. i got the new faucet that should work fine but water is still dripping. even when the valve is closed, the water does not stop. any tips for that problem?

  7. fun fact, don't use wd 40 on anything that has drinking water in it.

  8. I have an outdoor faucet that won't turn off, the insides are worn out. Making things worse, it is mounted so low to the ground that you cannot get to it from under the house to replace it. I just used on of those caps, but that made the faucet unusable. Any suggestion on how to fix it?

  9. Thank God somebody knows how to hold things where you can see them and get to the point when describing and instructing.

  10. One thing that I do is I put a bunch of valve grease in there that really helps with the seal and it keeps the little rubber to not dry out so bad

  11. Thank you. This was clear and helpful.

  12. SO EXCITED to do my own repair! But I tried to pull out one similar to the one you do at 5:20, and the stalk would not pull out. What am I doing wrong?

  13. To imagine 'standing with the heroes of the faith… with one voice'!!! So awesome to think of that day!!!

  14. Wait… wait… wait.. wait.. .what's this flexibe wd40 spray nozzel you're using? https://youtu.be/3netQmGiRKo?t=88

  15. What needs replacing if I cap it or place closed hose and the leak comes out of the bib handle? Thank you.

  16. What is the 3rd faucet you showed called ?

  17. Make sure you leave the bristles from the brush inside the thread as was done here it could be very important LOL

  18. I've got a couple of outdoor valves that need this tune up. My father left me a nice assortment of washers. I'm gonna replace them after watching your tutorial.
    Thank you very much.

  19. For a 20 year old faucet, replacing the entire faucet head costs about $10, so…

  20. This was so helpful! Thank you very much 😊

  21. That red valve, I saw that specific one so many times already 😩

  22. I just watched a ton of videos about this issue and your tutorial is hands down the most informative! Thank you ❤

  23. Greatly appreciated ❤ this video is amazing 🤩

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