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How to Fix a Toilet – Diagnostics – Leaking Base


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Leaking Base

One of the worst problems a toilet can have is water leaking at its base, draining all over the bathroom floor. When this happens, major damage can occur to the home’s structure if the problem is not corrected immediately. Within a few days, the water gathering at the toilet’s base can penetrate the sub-flooring, walls, and cabinets. This can promote the growth of mold and mildew in this area, which can be very costly to repair.

Water leaking at the toilet’s base is usually caused by one of a few factors: the toilet base could be cracked, the toilet is not properly mounted to the toilet flange, the toilet flange is not properly mounted to the sub-floor or concrete slab, in an extreme circumstance there could be hot water cycling through the toilet, melting the toilet’s wax ring, or even less likely, the toilet could have a manufacturing defect.

Regardless of what the cause of the problem is, once leaking is noticed, turn off the water at the water supply valve connection. Keep in mind that the water in the toilet’s bowl and tank might need to be removed by other means than flushing the toilet, given that flushing the toilet might cause more water to leak onto the bathroom floor.

In order to properly evaluate the cause of the water leak, the entire toilet should be inspected for physical damage. If the cause of the toilet’s leak is a crack in the toilet itself, the toilet will need to be removed and replaced with a new model. Regardless of the inspection’s outcome, the toilet should be un-mounted, and the flange and sewer inlet examined also. Before removing the toilet, take note whether the toilet rocks back and forth. If it does, then the leak can probably be attributed to the toilet not being mounted tightly enough to the flange, or the flange not being mounted tightly enough to the sub-flooring or cement slab.

Once the toilet is removed, check the condition of the sub-flooring; look for any mold, water damage or rust on the flange. If the toilet is on a concrete slab then generally the water damage is minimal. In both cases, water can soak into any sheetrock walls or cabinets, so be inquisitive.



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  21. Plans from stodoys sites have different difficulties, but everyone will find something for themselves.

  22. I’m toilet is leaking from base only when it rains, can anyone offer suggestions? Help. I replaced New ring n toilet, to find out I didn’t need to purchase. I ripped flooring up to find that it leaks only when it rains. 🙁

  23. toelet. toelet. toelet.

  24. I tired fixing my toilet myself. I gave up and called Nationwide Plumbers instead: 855-620-8558

  25. Hi so i just did everything but for some reason the toilet is not laying flat. I believe the ring is too high. what should i do?

  26. I have had a toilet that has not flushed well for months. I've tried very hard to unclog the toilet, using plungers and those air cartridges. Today I tried an air cartridge and water immediately spread out on the floor around the toilet. I am thinking this toilet needs to be replaced. It's an older toilet.

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  34. Two comments:
    1. Who in there right mind installs CARPET!!! in a bathroom? That is down right nasty and an obvious health hazard. How do you mop a rug.
    2. In an alternate video on the same topic, the presenter states that some times the toilet may not sit flush, as in the case when you have a tile floor. The presenter's suggestion is to use shims to level the toilet. If you were to follow the instructions on this video, the toilet would be deemed defective, and need to be replaced. 

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  40. Somewhat helpful video; from personal experience, DIY project guides neglect to disclose some seriously important info. E.g. when tightening the toilet to the flange, BE CAREFUL! If you screw too tight you will crack the porcelain ! <—– as shown 20sec into this video. That tiny detail would cost you another toilet and another day without a working toilet.

  41. So if the guy doesn't want to wear gloves, that's his business. (I'm going to wear gloves.) Anyway I'm just happy these kinds of videos exist because do you know what plumbers cost these days??

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