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How To Fix / Replace Hard Drive Laptop Computer – Install HDD / SSD

If you need to replace a bad Hard Drive or Solid State Drive, use this video to understand how to replace it. After doing so, you will need to install an Operating System onto the new drive. For help installing Windows 10, refer to this video; https://youtu.be/bIlW4im-tr4. You can see how to create Windows 10 Install Media for free here; https://youtu.be/g_UhiHScaSI.
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  1. I can't seem to find a like for like harddrive online, does any hdd harddrive work with any laptop?

  2. I did it the exact same way(i was just curious to see the inside parts 😜), but i also unplugged the wan and the ram, and now my laptop won't start. I don't know what to do? Please, can you let me a solution…

  3. I did this change on hp but now i have no bootable device found. I already did 50 times bios updated like legacy n etc. also diagnosed. But nothing worked

  4. Well I am thoroughly Impressed, Thank You

  5. studying for my comptia A+ exactly what I was looking for !

  6. hi, idk if you will be able to read this, but does this work for laptop that cant detect the d drive? my alptop cant detect the d drive no matter what i do and i dont know if the d drive is basically the hard drive

  7. PC Monkey, how can I replace the HDD in my Proscan PLTNB1432 laptop if I wanted to do so? Or is it impossible to do this?

  8. What if your hard-drive is fine but there's something wrong with the connector? Can you just buy a new one on eBay or Amazon?

  9. I own an Asus and I think I can replace the C hard drive myself but my Asus also has a 1TB D:Data hard drive that I want to keep. Will replacing the C hard drive affect the D Data hard drive?

  10. got one for burn out darddrive for laptop and can i use a external harddrive as my laptop harddrive so i do not have to get new laptop on a backup laptop got to recover win10 and i never got to sell the laptop back to ware i got but lucky me for now i got backup to do my work on had the laptop ones harddrive is burn out for like 8 years and it lenovo odd thing is my back up laptop got for 149.99 is lenovo as well but it a thinkpad and runs i3 core but love my old one as had the key pad to the side of it and was post to be for gameing as well but only ran vn games to it as i know i can run the games but did not play nv game for years and about 49 days or so on 3/4/22 the harddrive give out and belive it was say ram as well was shot as well sure can find ram for laptop easy but untill get tip help me give life to my baby ones more i am not going to try to open it up and see the ram cards

  11. How can I replace a hard drive
    on my computer (not a laptop) ? Thank you!!!

  12. If i have any questions? Oh.. My struggle with replacing the haddrive, is that the windows key on the bottom is worn off. Is there any way to recover it? I'm mean new drive without an OS, does not sound fun at all.

  13. Hi guys i need help..
    I had an old dead acer laptop running in windows 10 and i remove its hdd.

    I also had an old samsung laptop and its working fine with windows 8 installed.

    Im planning to just remove the HDD of my samsung laptop and replace it with the HDD of my acer laptop.

    Would this work fine? πŸ€”
    Does my Samsung laptop will run with Windows 10 now?..
    Sorry noob question..

  14. UPDATED – I just realized that I dont think I went to Disk Management and allocated the drive. I'll try this tomorrow and update. (If this is what you would have said, thank you and sorry for the long comment)

    I'm hoping that I didn't miss the fix for my issue and I'm betting I'm missing an easy step.
    Brand new just opened and im upgrading out of the box.
    Inspiron 15 TGL 3000, 3511 running Win 11 in S Mode
    I have upgraded from 4gb ram to 8gb (added 4gb stick in empty slot)
    I have added a 1GB Sata drive in the empty slot.
    Dell 1TB SATA HDD 5400 RPM 2.5IN.
    – On 1st boot up, I got the bios message stating that system RAM had been updated. I hit BIOS and verified that it's reading 8gb of ram, 1tb sata drive and is in RAID mode.
    – Rebooted and rec'd zero errors.
    – Went to This PC and all it shows is the C: drive and however much of the 128gb is left from the OS that is on the M.2 SSD.

    My questions
    – Do I need to install any drivers or anything for it to show up on "This PC"?
    – Should I have changed anything in the BIOS?
    – I'm not super Familiar with SATA drives. I know when installing multiple IDE drives you had to pin one of the as a slave. Does that apply in this situation?
    – Can you think of anything that I missed or should do so that this drive shows up?

    I greatly appreciate any help that you can give.


  15. i was planning to do dis on my own coz the start was easy, but then i heard "you need to install etc etc" my confidence just plummeted lmao

  16. Great video as usual. Looking to increase memory on Lenovo Yoga X1 (1Generation). MZ-NLN128C is current drive by Samsung in now. Searching there are numerous drives that look similar -stick of gum lol. Crucial.com has bunch as well which is a little confusing as to decide a correct upgrade, 500gb or 1 TB.
    Would this work? Intel 670p Series M.2 2280 512GB PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 QLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) SSDPEKNU512GZX1

  17. i just got a popup message on my 6 year old laptop saying that my hard drive has an error & might be faulty. i'm a noob so i had some questions. i was wondering whether it's cheaper/better to try to replace the drive on my laptop (use a backup image) or to just buy a brand new laptop. is 6 years the normal lifespan of a laptop? would an image backup made with windows 7 transfer properly to a new laptop w/ windows 10? will hibernating prolong a laptops lifespan instead of shutting down. should i run a chkddsk scan? I'm worried because the message said to shutdown & not use the laptop until it's fixed & i think i need to restart to use chkddsk

  18. I am in desperate need of any help please. My laptop stopped loading . Getting an "Automatic Repair" notice. I would just like to get another hard drive, BUT any techs here are not reliable. please help me. I have an H/P laptop, Can't access anything now.

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