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How to Install Android OS on Vmware Workstation on Windows 10

How to Install Android OS on Vmware Workstation on Windows 10

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So you want to install Android OS on a virtual machine and don’t know how? it’s pretty easy to do and I will show you step by step. This will be a fully working operating system that you can use to play games or whatever you want to use it for.

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  1. Having trouble with WiFi? It's related to driver support. I can make a video.

  2. will this work downloading samsung apps ?

  3. could i have used GPT if i wanted to? thank you so much.

  4. didn't work for me on VM 17.3

  5. Great content as always, Nice background image on your windows machine btw, Looks like a spaceship through space.

  6. Kind of brushed over PhoenixOS. Getting an .iso nowadays seems a bit risky.

  7. absolute legend for this. do you have a tutorial for kali linux by any chance

  8. My installation stop before the installation at 9:04
    and this always happens whatever android ISO file I use, (even the phoenix 3.6.1 you use)
    any solution ?

  9. ur voice is so nice and relaxing

  10. I got everything installed. However input for the cursor is extremely laggy/slow and is unusable. Any tips?

  11. 8:58 do I need to type something? Nothing happens. Just x86_64:/ #

  12. can you do an updated version with VMware Workstation 16 and phoenix with wifi and bluetooth?

  13. Can you install One UI 4 in WMware Workstation Pro 16?

  14. Anydesk or any remote access app dont work..

  15. can i use it for gaming ?
    specially for pubj

  16. how i can use internet on android?

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