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How to Fix A Groin Pull (Adductor Strain)

The early stage of rehab for a groin pull (often a strain adductor longus muscle) will consist of three phases:

-Relative rest
-Pain free muscle activation
-Soft tissue mobilization.

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While rest is important, it can’t be the only thing you do to really fix the injury. After a day or two of rest we need to do something to kick-start and facilitate the healing process.

Unlike flexibility, research shows that those who sustain a pulled groin often have a strength imbalance in the muscles that surround the hips. This is especially true of athletes who have weaker adductor muscles compared to the lateral hip or abductor muscles. This means that improving the strength of the adductor muscles must be a priority in the prevention and post-injury rehab program.

Initially following an adductor strain, it can be fairly painful to perform any aggressive strengthening to this muscle. So when it comes down to early strengthening, activating the muscle without any movement (called an isometric contraction) can be a great way to kick-start the healing process without placing too much stress on the injured tissues.

Lay on your back with your knees bent and a small ball in between your legs. Squeeze your knees together like you’re going to pop the ball. When you first start these exercises, think about contracting ~50-75% of maximum effort and don’t push through pain! Hold this contraction for five seconds before relaxing. As this becomes easier to perform, start squeezing with more intensity or increase the hold time to 10-15 seconds.

Mobilizing the tissues of the inner thigh can also be a great help for relieving pain and promote proper healing of the injured groin. Lie on your stomach with your injured leg positioned as close to 90° from your torso as possible. Place the foam roller close to your groin, running perpendicular to your injured thigh.

As your pain decreases and strength returns you can then start to slowly reincorporate your normal strength training into your plan!

Takeaway: treating groin pain due to a strained adductor muscle takes a comprehensive approach of rest, early pain free strengthening and soft tissue mobilization. I hope this video was able to help you understand this injury some of the basic components of rehabilitation. If you are unable to find relief with your groin pain after performing these exercises, I recommend going to a medical professional (doctor or physical therapist) to assist in your recovery.

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  2. I have groin pain when I go down to the bottom of the sqaut
    And it is really painful on the way up
    Is it the groin Doc ??

  3. Thank you the video, what are your thoughts on trying to work around an Adductor injury?

    I had a bit of strain, which was kinda ok but on Friday for whatever reason did some sprints and as I stopped (hard brake) I felt it go and it was super painful all day and couldn’t walk.

    It’s eased a bit and I’ve stated to the foam roller but having watched again, I think I was squeezing too hard rather than at 20/30% force.

    I am resting it for a week or two. But I feel pain at night, laying flat and of course when bringing legs together.

    Can I work around this injury after a couple of weeks, such as Leg Extension, RDLs, Hamstring Curls? All of which when I carried on training couple of weeks ago felt ok (despite have an every so slight niggle – unless I really did over on Friday just gone).

  4. injured my groin today playing soccer – what are the initial steps to take and when should i start strengthening or doing soft tissue work?

  5. When I try to squat my groin automatically flares up

  6. Good Quality Video. Informational, Clear, And Good Demonstrations.


  7. Are there any leg exercises that don't use the adductor so I can maintain strength during rehab?

  8. Thank you been dealing with this for almost a year thank you for an amazing video

  9. I am a boxer and I play football ( soccer) and recently I got a groin pull. Need this video

  10. Just sustained one during training 😢

  11. I need help… I recently injured my abductor in soccer, the problem is it only hurts when I perform a shooting movement or sprint but I tried all of these and nothing really hurt so should I still perform these exercises?

  12. I have been suffering with this for 8-9 months, did couple xrays but nothing shows. Recently I got advised to take MRI but because of my braces I couldn’t. I saw your YouTube shorts and here I am. I hope this works.😢

  13. Currently using a video that depicts all of the foam rolling leg extremities

  14. can i still run in early phase of pain thnx

  15. Thanks angel.😢😢😢 Will start asap these steps.

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