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How to Fix a Zipper and Put a Slider on to Zipper Chain

This video will explain how to put a zipper slider back on to the zipper chain. This can be used to repair a zipper or if you’re making a handbag and will be assembling the zippers yourself.



  1. Thank you so much for this video. I spent over an hr trying to fix my zipper without success but found this video and the second method worked. My zipper head is tiny so I wasn’t sure if it would work but it actually did. This saved the cushion cover of my patio chair set.

  2. I bought replacement sliders, I can get the slider ON but I can't get the teeth to join, I've tried 100 times. The teeth will NOT join.
    Screw it, I'm taking my jacket in to tailer

  3. Thank you so much you saved me from bying a new zipper.😊

  4. Broke the zipper off my boots and was about to cry, this helped and now they are all good. Thank you!!

  5. Hi Hyrum, great video, thanks.
    My question is about a 6ft long zipper n one of the flap doors of my green house cover.
    While unsettling the cover I accidently pulled the zipper out in the zipped (closed) position. In trying to put the slider back on, I ended up opening about a foot of the tape, so now I have a foot opening at the rest all zipped up. The top end of the zipper is seen into the covering material (plastic)
    The zipper is also made from plastic.

    Any help with suggestions on how to proceed with putting the slide back on without having to reverse it?

  6. Thank you so so so much! I thought my costume was trash but thanks to this video it's fixed! Thanks so so much again!

  7. Absolutely fabulous I'm making a sleeping bag for my granddaughter who about 5'6"tall so a long zipper and been trying for hours and you did it in minute xxx

  8. Just used this to fix a zipper on my kid's bag. Thank you!!!

  9. Thank You! You saved me even after 11 years. This works so easily

  10. Thank you for this easy-to-understand instruction.

  11. What if the slider and the piece at the bottom of a jacket are both missing, cit still be fixed?

  12. ❤it worked and
    I used scissors omg thanks so much !!

  13. Thanks so much!! I have several zippers I need to replace on my soft boat top. The metal has corroded to the point where the zippers will not slide any longer. I have replaced several full zippers in the past but these ones are a lot trickier because they are a zipper along an outer screen with a vinyl window inside and I'm really hoping to not have to replace the entire zippers. I'm going to try your suggestions when I get some new sliders (which hopefully will happen in a few days).

  14. How do you do all of that when the zipper is sewn to a garment and you don't have access to the start of the zipper?

  15. Thanks i want to learn how to sew but didn't know how to but it together
    So helpful

  16. It's so cool and easy to do. Thank you

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