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How To Repair Windows 7 and 8 Startup Problems

This tutorial will show you how to repair boot problems with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.


  1. Can reinstalling windows solve this problem?

  2. My window logo is stucking. Do you have any way to solve this prob

  3. Thank you for the help. I had no idea what to do, but after watching your video, the steps were very easy to follow…even for someone like me who isn't very computer savvy. My PC is fully functional less than 10 minutes later.

  4. I have no operating system CD can you suggest a way from command prompt to solve my problem

  5. i tried f8 nothing happens so i click enter and its all blue blank…grrrr i just want to kick this old computer.i have laptop but i need to use the pictures.

  6. Tell me what is the problem in my pc how to make fast it

  7. my computer has refused to boot up, how do I solve it ?

  8. my computer does't seen "repair your computer" what to do???

  9. By pressing F8 there is nothing happens in my pc
    Tell me what to do

  10. I've tried all the advanced options..
    they all turned out good…
    my com. still will not start up…
    everything I do, it goes straight back to "startup repair". and says "windows cannot repair this computer automatically" any advice..??

  11. I can't access bios setup, but the boot initialize menu, help me plese

  12. How to boot up DELL laptop window 10 …when it shows some strange options?? Can anyone plzz help me..

  13. 'Repair your computer' this option Not showing

  14. hey, after then How to solved your problem ?? (also same problem to me)

  15. In the system recovery options i have only start up repair option and not the others…and it doesnt work.I have a Leveno G 50.What should i do?

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