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How to Install an OIL COOLER

Oil Coolers! What do they do? Do you need one? does your Turbocharged JDM KEI Truck need one? How do you install one? In this episode we find out!

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  1. Things for your body, sent from us to you. Thanks for your support and thanks for coming along for the Kei Truck Ride!

  2. Could everyone watching close your eyes when you get to the part when they are screwing the nuts please hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounds very wrong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. 5:49 my mind is dirty or something.

  4. I have a Honda civic 2012 coupe everything is factory designed besides an cold air intake (I dint tow anything )I was wondering if I need to get an oil cooler for the hot temp. In south texas Or if my car is safe enough to handle it via it’s build design? Any thing helps

  5. Sheeesh what’s the song starting at 8:31?

  6. Needs a rock cage around the cab for safety.

  7. Did you say you are going to need to meowunt the cooler?

  8. Oil cooler out of the highbeam hole on my Datsun 620, on to the front bumper! – edit: I definitely like the cooler BEFORE the filter, in case the cooler somehow dislodges something into the fluid flow

  9. There one for sale near me and it’s also a dump bed but it’s a Suzuki I need one now 😭

  10. I got a question about installing an oil cooler on my daily.
    My commute is typically 40 minutes 1 way and mostly highway. 65-80MPH depending on mood.

    I’m on a 2.5L 2010 ford fusion SE

    I was thinking about installing a wrx style hood vent for forced air induction and putting an oil cooler bolted to the hood so the lines would hang yes… but I’d secure them the best I could. Should I be even considering this? I’m not looking to do something that will damage my car but I wanna try something unique that actually works and serves a purpose.

  11. First time I've found an MCM video when looking for how to do things in over a decade. My tractor hydraulic system is too hot.

  12. Please do a video explaining transmission cooler

  13. Watching this for inspiration to finish fitting a oil cooler to a st150 🀣

  14. I have a friend that machined an adapter for the filter to connect an oil radiator in, listen, in PARALLEL. I told him that it should be installed in series, as in parallel the oil will tend to avoid the filter once the filter starts to clog. But, as I am not an expert, I am asking to confirm or deny my theory. Thank you!

  15. I was wondering why you have the hose connection facing up, not down?

  16. Isn't it mounted upside down? How will you bleed it πŸ€”

  17. Any tricks doing this on the cheap 330i e46

  18. Oh I need one, 330i e46 bmwπŸ™„ california hot weather not helping.

  19. I'm screwing it, I've got my hands on the nut, it's tight etc etc 🀣

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