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What is Right to Repair? An introduction for curious people.

Let’s get Right to Repair passed! https://gofund.me/1cba2545
A basic explanation of Right to Repair for people new to the issue.

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  1. Many people have asked for a simple, concise, non-profanity laden video that summarizes the issue that is shareable to politicians and family members. Here you go. No profanity, no technobabble, just a basic explanation. Go forth and share. Thank you!

  2. Steve just did a bit on this, Colorado just passed right to repair , won't one down. Many to go. Hey your looking better, was a tad worried about you, city boy in Texas is an adjustment, been there loved it. Do yourself a favor. Go out get away from the lights and lay back, look at the sky , see stars you never saw before, wonder is something somewhere among those stars staring at you …take care.

  3. as a electronic parts wholesale man in the70s i sold many SAM PHOTOFACTS for R/TV
    all with schematics supplied by the manufacturers

  4. I thought you might want to know that Indian law is going to be with you: https://youtu.be/YbmIidL7DfM

  5. When i first watched your videos, you reminded me of a vegan, so I was hesitant to support this cause. But now I 100% agree with you. And I just started the video!

  6. I really don't think that lobbying the government to give you back the ability to repair will work long term. It is the government who forms and fosters the monopolies who took it away from us in the first place, by lobbying them and by using intellectual property laws to turn devices into blackboxes. You don't need anyone's permission to repair your own property. If they make it difficult and can get away with it, it's because they have no competition. We need less regulation and lobbying, not more.

  7. the pioneer DJ equipment have easy access to all the diagrams, you can see perfectly how it works, they made the things easier

  8. Keep up the good fight… Fuck Apple…

  9. My favourite smart phone is iPhone, however my least favourite repair centre is Apple. I had apple repair an iPhone 6 by replacing a battery that had 80 % charge limitation.

    After that I would intermittently get blank screen crash with colourful thin line running thru screen. They probably bent the phone during the repair and cracked a solder ball connection. Yes I watch your repair videos lol.

  10. So you believe that companies that manufacture products should insure the work of third party work? You also think they should have to supply the secondary market off of which they make no profit? Not only that you think the government should force companies to do this and you call it a conservative movement? If you don't like how a company handles the maintenance of their products choose another product to buy. The terms are presented to you at the time of purchase.

  11. Basically Louis is saying get off your butt look around you what is wrong with this nation and start fixing it

  12. 50 years ago we probably told our politicians what to do. Today our politicians are told what to do by people with very deep pockets. Apple John Deere basically bought and made the rules in a way to which they can benefit. But the fundamental problem here is that today people allow this to happen. Why are your politicians Not fighting for you have you asked yourself that question why did it need to get this far. Louis here has the dedicate his life to do some thing that politicians people you elect should’ve already figured it out easy. Money lots of it Apple and John Deere guys come on wake up you gotta fight back but it’s your politician that’s really the problem.

  13. Are you going to post an update on Biden’s Executive Order for Right to Repair?

  14. I donated. They want us to be less reliable and want us pay them for everything. That's not a future I want.

  15. People also forget how useful right to repair is for future generations. How can they see what life is like now when nothing we have works because they've lost support and nobody can fix them?

  16. Too bad the government will never care about you or anyone in this country as long as they get votes. You can make years and years and years of videos about this but it wont mean anything with our current system of government that is so incompetent and bloated. A government's role is to "solve problems" by creating more problems and then not solve the original problem it created. Everyone focuses so much on the companies being awful, which they are being, but don't focus on the government's role of enabling such behavior. You can only keep a kid's hand out of the cookie jar for so long.

  17. Have been binging on your right to repair videos and I couldn't agree more. Especially, since today with the following situation. We have 7 Promethean interactive screens each having an onboard mini PC, Activ OPS-G to name it, with Android operating system. Now, these mini PCs sit idle in my case since the interactive screens are hooked up to usual desktop PCs with Windows on it. Promethean has a weird interface connecting the mini PC to an interactive screen. There are no schematics on it and I probably can't post any pictures of the board. While “ringing” the board for PWR and GND pins with a multimeter on the weird interface I discovered these do not work directly with the power button since there is an IC protection in place. The latter probably makes checks whether the interface pins are all corresponding. Funny thing is, the board has an empty place with a drawing in white color of 12 VDC socket that was supposedly there in the original version of the board or when it was developed. You could tell that by seeing 3 soldering places, two being for PWR and GND with a third being a 12VDC body holder. If you ever soldered or took apart stuff you could tell that easily. Implying, this could have just been a power socket for a standard 12 VDC. But, heck no. You do not have any access to that. We'll make sure you don't, thinks the manufacturer.

    Guess what the answer was when I asked Promethean support if they could tell me where the power pins are? Warranty terms and conditions or buy a third party device at my own risk. The suggestion to include a socket for standardized plugs for future versions was simply ignored.

    So much for going green with 7 mini PCs sitting there for nothing. Despite running only an Android 6.0 it still can do things, like watching a 4K @ 60 FPS, and serve as a mini PC. For school that would be more than enough. Long story short, I don't need the schematics. I just need to know where the plugs are so that I could potentially have 7 more working computers, instead of searching where to cut next, so that we could buy another computer. If Promethean just had the standard 12 VDC socket on the board in the first place, that would just solve all of it.

  18. I can't stand some companies.

  19. Bro looks like he beats up his wife for burning the meatloaf

  20. This involves constitutional rights

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