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Best Way To Repair Broken Plastic: Repairing Plastic Car Bumpers

Hello everyone! You are watching video “Best Way To Repair Broken Plastic: Repairing Plastic Car Bumpers”
Welcome to Gaus DIY channel, this video is about Plastic Bumper Repair, that with the plastic welding method combined with baking soda and super glue, I believe this is one of the options to repair plastic effectively and fastest today.
You can apply it at home to repair scratches or holes in car bumper.
– How to repair broken plastic
– How to fix broken plastic
– How to Repair Plastic Car Bumpers
– Repair Car Bumper
I hope you enjoy watching my video!
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  3. If you solder before putting the aluminum tape on the opposite side, you'll have a much easier time peeling off the tape.

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  6. Can you patch a air hose mine has a little slit in tried raping it with small wire and put silicone on it it worked for a little while but it developed a little hole it started making a popping sound I looked at it was like tiny balloons

  7. Excelente!!! Me suscribo, abrazo desde Argentina!! 🙌🙌👌👌👌

  8. How come you didn't do the same to the backside?

  9. Faltou umas lixas mais finas pra dar um melhor acabamento, mas muito bom resultado

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  11. Thanks for the video but a nice time-lapse so we don't have to watch the same melting portion over and over again would be nice.

  12. Todo bien pero no sabes hacer un corcho para pulir 😂😂

  13. What is name white powder

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  15. Which liquid you drop on white soda powder. Why hiding its name?

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  17. My repairs start out the same; I put the duct tape over the hole, but that's where I stop.
    Seriously, though, the cyanoacrylate (super glue) plus baking soda comes out hard as a rock so you absolutely need a sanding block like shown in the video, if you try to sand it with just a piece of sandpaper in your hand, you will sand away all the original soft bumper plastic around the hole and leave the new patch sticking out. Believe me, I found out.

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