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How to repair a Makita DHP453 combi drill with a stripped gear, using a old Makita 8391D Nicad drill

These Makita DHP453 combi drills are only cheap drills and are classed more as DIY grade.
But they are actually a little work horse, and can do a suprizing amount of work. The main downside is the slower RPM.

Due to the abuse these drill get, they do have a habit of stripping the high gear. They are only a cheap drill and so only have a plastic gearbox. And makita does not supply this gearcase on its own. Only as a whole gearbox.

To replace the whole gear box, you’re talking 50 euro. Which is not worth it.
The other option is to use the part from an old makita nicad drill that is no longer used.
The 8391D drill actulay has the same gearbox, so you can take the gearcase from this or use the whole gearbox.

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  1. Do you come across bearing failure in these? Mine is very slack and chuck wobbles badly. Been meaning to fix it.

  2. DDF 453 gearbox price is 24 euro new from Makita autorized retailers.

  3. Dean this is the most rewarding video/ repair I’ve seen from you in a long time if I was quoted £50 or 50 euros for a new gearbox and I hadn’t watched you do it about 50 million times I would have bought a new makita on Amazon for about £70 as that is what they cost, it really does appear that today’s world is a throwaway society especially if something broken I really hope that others get the same inspiration as me to attempt one of these repairs if I ever need to, again good work by a guy who clearly knows his stuff

  4. My anxiety levels rise as soon as you start dropping small bits on the workbench.

  5. Brilliant, thanks for sharing. Top work.👍

  6. No grease in the gearbox? Just the selector ring?

  7. Dean keep up the good work. Seeing your videos is inspiring and a breath of fresh air in this consumerist society!

  8. You are a wealth of tool knowledge. I know my way around using the things. And have been known to fix the odd one. But the level you are at with so many brands. That has to be unusual. Makes for interesting viewing.

  9. fixing a 453 with a 453 while im handeling my 453 xD

  10. In my country that gearbox costs 26 euros.

  11. hold up, is the 453 just li-ion-ed 8391d?

  12. do you sell any second powertools?

  13. Please, Dean, stop filming in portrait. Detail is better (larger) in landscape.
    I don’t watch on my phone, if I turn my tv sideways it doesn’t do anything. Thanks for doing what you do!

  14. Fixing a 453 with a 😂😂

  15. Noticed a 'Donegal Fixings' label on the tool, near the end. Is that you lot — sales, repairs & rentals?

    Have to say, Dean, given the quality & thoroughness of work performed, your shop's hourly rate is the bargain of the century. 🙂

    Speaking of dosh, your Patreon needs more visibility/promotion. More of these folks would happily chip in for the entertainment, alone.

  16. Mine is several years old and the batteries are still good, found an earlier drill with the removable end cap and use that daily, keeps the original good, great wee combi drill series from Makita.

  17. Great fix I’m sure that will be a great help to someone Thanks for taking the time to upload these videos

  18. Hi Dean i have a royobi brushless grinder which was left on the grass over night and got wet and now does not work do you have any suggestions please

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