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How to Earn the EAGLE EYE Medal in COD Mobile (FREE Charly Skin)

How to Earn the EAGLE EYE Medal once in BR Matches in call of duty mobile. You need to get a kill further than 75 meters without using a scope in cod mobile battle royale! CODM Tutorial, tips and tricks with gameplay to hel you unlock and finish the BR Mastermind seasonal event in cod mobile season 10!

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  1. How do I display medals??

  2. I think you can get the eagle eyes medal if you use the locus or other snipers with the default scope, I tried for 2 hours to get it and accidentally killed the last player with the locus and somehow I got it, guess the game only checks if you equiped a scope and not if you have one already 😎

  3. Exactly solo land n stay at pipeline good call. Did samething

  4. Thanks for your videos they help

  5. The nunchucks are even being offered rn too lol

  6. Can u do it in the new BR mode Warfare?

  7. This video has helped a lot in getting the Charly skin

  8. Thx man you saved me a lot of time

  9. Just a small contribution bro. I tried my SNIPER SPD without scope. Only it's own scope. Guess what!!! It worked fine. I got Eagle Eye metal at once!!! Happy hunting!!!

  10. We can use a sniper also for the eagle eye medal. ' Not using Scope' refers to the external scopes applied to weapons from ground.

  11. Hey Johnnie. I shot the guy at 93 feet but I didn't get the Charly skin. Did you have any problems where you play the game and it doesn't count? I had problems where I did the event and it wasn't counted. I had to log in and out or restart the game just to play it again. That's BS. Do you have that same problem or is it just me?

  12. I have killed several enemies from like 150 meters and for some reason my game won't count it for me.

  13. I got eagle eye medal using a sniper killing 2

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