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=AQW= How to EARN FREE AC's – AQW 2020 (EASY & FAST)

Have you always wanted to 2K AC’s to buy yourself something EPIC? Here’s the guide to get those Adventure Coins for FREE. It won’t take you long, its easy!

Let me know what you guys think of this in the comments, you’re all wonderful thank you for all the support~ I was a little sick in this video… I APOLOGIZE!

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  1. thx dude this really help! you helped me get legion member (undead legion) the armor and you deserve this +1 sub

  2. finished one says i did not do it gg lel

  3. Thank you you help me get the naval commander

  4. Is this still working? After many years I play again aq

  5. just login on 13th of october to get 500 AC

  6. if you did know. its 2021 and this is a scam

  7. Thanks for the guide man. Just got 14 ACs for a survey.
    Liked and subbed.

  8. this is scam, trust me. i try so many time and lastly it says im answer the question wrong.

  9. whats the name of the armor who was shooting with pistols pls

  10. Appreciate the help God bless you

  11. Hey idont know where tha super sonic are idont find it

  12. i did an offer and it says i received my ac but i didnt receive anything

  13. is there only 2 offer companies now?

  14. How do you get so many options?
    Mine is only adgate and personal.ly

  15. I don't have supersonic on my list of ways of earning.pls how do I do it now??

  16. why i cant chat even i already change my email address plsss help me

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