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Sony Vintage LCD TV repair

This shows how to repair the main power supply of a Sony vintage TV. tips and tricks. Please like share and subscribe. Thanks.


  1. If you want to talk vintage TV's how about valve or tooob TV's for the yank viewers, I've been an electronics tech 40+yrs, in real world terms it isn't vintage but in technology yes but still way more reliable than modnern crap.
    That is obviously the bootstrap supply resistor.

  2. Szerelés és a kameraman kíváló munka. Csak így továb.

  3. bon travail merci pour la vidéo

  4. precious knowledges everytime. thanks 🤝

  5. thank you for sharing boss,perfect joob

  6. The way you find spoil resistance very unique❤great job like always

  7. He's Tevz dats mean the best!

  8. Still the master! Good repair!

  9. this are good measurment probes with a fine tip

  10. Hello. What is your solution when the resistance is burnt and its value is not known and we do not have a similar range

  11. Excelente video, gracias por compartir sus conocimientos con la comunidad! Saludos desde Argentina.

  12. Emeğine sağlık ustam. 1.25 volt hattı mikro işlemci besleme voltajı mıdır. Teşekkürler.Sağlıklı günler dilerim.

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