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How To Install RLCraft Without Twitch – LATEST VERSION (2021)

Hey guys!

I have brought you another tutorial on how to install RLCraft. I have had many people complain that they were not able to get the mod pack to work after following my previous video. This is to show that the method does still work, and I am also using the most recent version of RLCraft that was released in April. I hope this video helps!

RLCraft 1.12.2 – https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rlcraft/files/2935323
Forge 1.12.2 – https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.12.2.html
OptiFine 1.12.2 – https://optifine.net/adloadx?f=OptiFine_1.12.2_HD_U_E3.jar&x=ad3a

Leave a comment below about what you’d like to see me upload or livestream.

Music by Whitesand – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe96JG5gdgSRtmqStx0isXA (Songs: “Days Like These”, “Going Up”, “I Found Me”, and “Wonder”)


  1. Hey everybody! I hope you enjoy this video. Leaving a comment helps me know that you appreciate my tutorials and encourages me to create more. Let me know what you'd like to see next!

  2. this worked also it well crash if you wont remove the Tickprofiler and better foliage mods

  3. when i click on the forge thing .jar in the folder it says choose a app to open but the only shows i can use the note pad an it just opens hella random words

  4. big thanks bro, u really help me to play this good mod pack:/

  5. it is physically IMPOSSIBLE, for me to make a 1.12.2 world, because as soon as I open it, it corrupts.

  6. thank you
    also for anyone that has a problem with it crashing on start up, you need to use the most recent version of optifine

  7. thanks it helped alot (me replying after 2 years)

  8. thanks this really helped me I went throw 3 vids and you were the best thanks

  9. bro, 2 years later and this still works on the most recent update. LIFESAVER FR!!

  10. getting it installed is harder than the game itself how ironic

  11. not the best but FINALLY got it working

  12. i got stuck when the mod folder was gonna be made i could not find the new version that you said to choose i think im dumb but idk

  13. if anyone is having trouble opening minecraft (like i did) it might be because optifine E3 is now out of date and will make the game crash. to see which optifine to use go to rlcraft on the forge site and scroll down to manual install that will tell you what to do/use. currently the optifine that works with RLCraft is G5!

  14. An unexpected issue occurred and the game is crashed. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. This crash may be caused by an invalid Java runtime configuration. Check any custom configuration settings. Exit code: 1

  15. how did you run the jar file on windows? it just shows up to me as a folder

  16. its easy in tl bc it already have forge and opti and a forgeoptifine

  17. Is this only for laptops?

  18. for some reason my forge and OptiFine are notepads

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