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How To Buy & Sell Territe and Asterite – Full Play To Earn Crypto Guide – Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

How To Buy & Sell Territe & Asterite – Full Play To Earn Crypto Guide – Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

00:00 – Intro
01:14 – How To Buy
09:47 – How To Sell

Territe Farming Guide: https://youtu.be/O8BaMYBT480

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  1. Full Territe Farming Guide: https://youtu.be/O8BaMYBT480 – Good Luck to everyone Farming Territe

  2. You don't need black diamonds if you buy territe right? Black diamonds only need for money out?

  3. I’m excluded because I don’t use desk top version lol I guess it saves me money.

  4. What is the buynance? Page?

  5. Anyone under 18 without id found a way to profit from this shit yet?

  6. These menus dont even exist on ipad. Luckily. This will die quickly.

  7. What red thats the game uses ? Main etehereum ? Matic ?

  8. Managed to get my toekns and get them in the wallet – and they show up on the screen but I keep getting this error…


    Process failed due to an unexpected error.

    Please start over from the beginning.

  9. I live in the US and it straight up took me 10 freaking hours to manage to buy Klay for USD and transfer it to my marblex wallet. Holy crap, good thing I bought the equivalent of 400,000 territe so I never have to deal with this nonsense again. Thanks for the video, as one who knows nothing about crypto, it helped a lot.

  10. Watched video 5 times, couldn't figure it out, resulted to asking community. This system needs work.

  11. Buying territe isn't an option for mobile players?


  13. How long does it take for the balance to appear if I did not do it by klay, I did it through USDT and send it to my address

  14. Centralized blockchain. Seriously. Use a fucking database and be done instead of reinventing a square wheel.

  15. So if I wanted to get about 1500 territes, how much would I be spending including all the little transfer fees and such. I have never really done crypto so I want to know if its even worth downloading on my computer. Located in Canada if that makes a difference.

  16. Not a single exchange i own has Klay for trade. lmfao

  17. what to do if i forgot my Trading password

  18. Loved you content back when you was doing Marvel Strike Force, nice to see you dropping content on another game i play. keep up great work

  19. how i can earn money with this? where i can trade/switch the tokens to real money, in to my bank???

  20. Staying on Korean server. Screw this shit.

  21. It feels like this game is just a glorified mining rig with the benefit that the mining is done server side so you save on electricity cost.

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