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How to install the AltStore and NEVER get Revoked again!

🚨 I’ve made an updated AltStore tutorial, I highly recommend you check that video out instead of this one, thank you : https://youtu.be/yLuyVakPpUM

❗️❗️ Mail Plug-in ❗️❗️ The AltServer now has a new step not shown in the video and it requires you to install a mail plug in. This is necessary for the AltStore to install on your iOS device and is very simple to install. All you need to do is follow the steps below 👇
1. Click install Mail Plug-in in the AltServer.
2. Open your mail application.
3. Open preferences at the top left corner of the toolbar.
4. Click manage plug-in at the bottom of the preferences window.
5. Click the checkbox on AltPlugin and then click save and restart.

🚨 WINDOWS UPDATE: There is currently a working windows beta update, learn how to use it with this written guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/Delta_Emulator/comments/e3gzwb/guide_installing_altserver_on_windows/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

The AltStore is a new App Store that allows you to install your favorite emulators and apps like Delta, PPSSPP iNDS and more without ever having to worry about revokes! The AltStore is completely free but it does require a Windows or Mac computer. Leave a Like if this video helped you 👍🏼

❗️If you encounter any issues check out the FAQ below ❗️
ALTSTORE FAQ : https://altstore.io/faq/

🌐 All Download Links:

Download iTunes: https://apple.com/itunes

Download AltStore : https://altstore.io/

App Specific Password: https://appleid.apple.com

AltStore Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rileytestut/posts

Download ipas at AppMarket: https://operationidroid.com/appmarket

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  1. when u donwload app in ur ios device u can see it in ur pc too

  2. so i cant install alt server without a iPhone in mac ?

  3. how did you get unlimited apps? mine says limited to 3

  4. Please help, I downloaded everything perfectly fine a few weeks ago but forgot to refresh and my apps expired. After that everything stopped working, I deleted and downloaded alt store but whenever I press the "Sign in" option it never finishes loading and I cant log in to my apple id so I cant use alt store.

  5. How to get unlimited days in AltStore

  6. sounds like a massive pain in the ass

  7. I’m so frustrated!! Why all this this shit!! I just wanna download the delta emulator but I have to go through gods a s s h o l e!!! Why!!!?

    I’m stuck!! My computer does not have the same pages as your around when you have make your app specific password..I don’t know what to Fuckin DO!!!

    Edit: I’ve got the garbage bs I need installed on my computer, phone IS connected..but it DOESNT FKN TRANSFER

  8. what do I do with the Delta app?

  9. Will I be charged if I don't update Altstore after 7 days?

  10. I forgot to refresh INDS and AltStore so they aren’t available, will my game progress save on INDS when I download it again?

  11. I'm on Mac when I download it shows the application but no file and its not in finder

  12. finally someone to tech me how to install app on ios. Thanks a lot man. you are the best. Keep do the best job you are doing 🙂

  13. nothing happens when i i try to to open the altstore. i restatred the computer like it said for the update to take effect. Any help?

  14. I am going out of town and I hate that I have to update every 7 days. I am going out of town for 11 days. If I take my computer and connect to the same WiFi as my phone (different from my normal home WiFi) will it still work as usual. Normally I can update over WiFi. TIA


  16. Is there a way to get more then 3 games on alt store??

  17. for sme reason i get the error: the operation couldnt be completed

  18. It’s in my profiles but I don’t see it in home menu please help

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