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How to install Bitdefender on Windows

This is a quick tutorial about how to install and set up Bitdefender on Windows computers. The whole setup process should take you less than 5 minutes.

► Open your web browser, go to https://central.bitdefender.com/ and sign in with your Bitdefender Central account. Before proceeding with the installation make sure you have a valid subscription in your Central account.
► Select ‘My Devices’ on the sidebar, then click on the + button: Install Bitdefender products on your devices. Choose ‘Security’. Select ‘This device’, to install Bitdefender on your current PC. Save the installation file. And then run it.
► If you want you can exit your browser at this point. Choose ‘Yes’ if the User Account Control prompt is shown. Wait until Bitdefender downloads all the necessary files. Check this box after you read and agree to the terms presented in the subscription agreement. Then click ‘install’. After a short wait Bitdefender will be done.
► At this point you can perform an initial security assessment. If you do not wish to perform the scan simply click ‘Skip’. Next you can see details about your active subscription.
► Click ‘Finish’ to access the Bitdefender interface. You have successfully installed Bitdefender on your PC.

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  1. Not use in my laptop reason uninstall all app why

  2. Can i use this central site in india for installation and code?

  3. I have bitdefender on my phone cuz it looked cool

  4. Hi i already have bitdefender but my subscription already expired, do i need to uninstall it? or i have to Intall the new one again?

  5. The new version of bitdefender VPN is really good❤

  6. Hi, I have installed bitdefender on my computer, and when I open chrome it has installed two extensions, is that normal?

  7. Hello Bidefender, I am a Vietnamese person, I want to use Bitdefender Total Security software for 90 days and Bitdefender VPN software, I have to change the server address of which country to get those two software, Bidefender?

  8. Do you have this video in Spanish?
    Thank You

  9. Do I need to disable Microsoft Defender Windows 10, when installing BitdefenderTotal Security?

  10. Bonjour, comment puis-je avoir une traduction en français, car les commentaires sont en anglais et c. Est ce que c'est dur de réfléchir suivre
    Cordialement, merci

  11. Microsoft knowledge base package missing problem??

  12. Will this slow down my gaming pc ?

  13. Wait I thought it was fully free?

  14. If I have Bitdefender Total Sec do I need anything else such as anti-spyware?

  15. so i just download bitfender but it show error to download win7 sp1 i download and install it and it show error ''microsoft knowledge base packages is missing from your device''

  16. How do I receive help? It's not downloading and the screens on my computer are not like these in the video.

  17. i installed Bitdefender Anti-Virus Rn it is sooo good good good

  18. I hv downloaded bit defender antivirus but I'm not able to install
    Please help me how can i install.

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