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ArcheAge Unchained Fresh Start – How To Earn Gilda

Few quick ways to generate some extra gilda in that first week before land claim!


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  1. 0:50 MSQ
    1:10 Achievements
    1:45 Blue Salt Brotherhood Dailies
    2:44 Community Center Dailies
    3:55 World Bosses
    4:30 CR/GR
    5:18 Daily Contracts
    5:50 Mentor/Mentee
    7:15 Seabug Daily

  2. i cant find the guilda Books you were talking about, cant find the NPC, or the books

  3. Remember when you could turn in trade packs for Gilda?

  4. are there level requirements for any of these? Like world bosses, CR/GR? you mentioned max level for the "contested zone" community center books?

  5. Do daily contracts exist in AAU? If so, where?

  6. How do I unlock daily schedule even?

  7. Really helpful video. quick, well spoken, and to the point. Subbed, thanks for the video!

  8. Great guide. Please keep up the videos! We need more info on the internet about archeage!

  9. What is that mount and how do I get one?

  10. i am level 30 and i am struggling to get 20 gilda lol.

  11. Do Daily contracts still exist? I can't seem to find them? Or are they replaced with the archepass daily missions now?

  12. Is it only me or does the ways to acquire Gildas seem too fucking pain in the dick?

  13. When do the Blue Salt Brotherhood Dailies proc? my friend is lvl 40 and has done the 8×8 quest, but she can't find the quests in Marinople, where they usually are?

  14. I'm just convinced that I'll never get my own home, but I'll join a guild that has several to hang out at so no prob

  15. Do those achievements have to be done in the level bracket that they are listed in? or can I go back and do them after rushing to max level?

  16. 300 gilda in 5 days seems crazy high when starting from lvl 1 with no gold.

  17. Land will 100% be bought up by bots and large guilds. If you want any chance at land more than a starter house, you will need to be part of a large alliance.

  18. The way you talk in your videos remind me of south park

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