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Why S Traps Are No Longer Used And How To Fix Them If They Are Allowing Sewage Odors In To Your Home

https://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com/plumbing/index.html Visit our website today to learn more about plumbing, home construction and building repairs. In this video we will learn why S traps are no longer allowed by most building code inspectors. The main problem with S traps is that they don’t have a vent and without a vent the traps can have the water seal broken that prevents sewage odors from entering your home. Watch the video for more reasons, along with solutions to this problem.


  1. Appreciate the knowledge man thanks for the uploads. Have a odd question i think if you dont mind giving me the rundown. Does code allow for the relocation of p traps? In this specific instance, a bath tub, to a section of the drain line remote from being directly beneath the tub to a few feet down the line. (Clearance and consolidation effort). Thank you.

  2. Approx when were S traps abandoned for P traps?
    Which trap is commonly used for basement floor drains?

  3. Another problem with an AAV is that it only handles negative pressure, not positive. If you have something like a macerating toilet or other pump that discharges water at a high rate, the positive pressure could cause bubbling and gurgling in your drains.

  4. Timely. Planning on updating the plumbing, which is all s trapped, no vents. Never had any odor issues tho

  5. I still see them sold right next to p traps and in great quantity. So people must use them somewhere.

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