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How to Install Hesacore Grips | MODDING my Luxx Control Air

This is a tutoiral on how to MOD your Pickleball Paddle. I tailored this set up specifically for my LUXX Control Air, but it can work with almost any pickleball paddle. A few benefits of this set up include: increased stability, balance, power, and ergonomic grip.

Hesacore Grips ► Code: DAVIS10


Selkirk Protective Edge Guard Tape

Tungsten Tape ►
Selkirk Sport Tungsten Tape – Four 8" Strips of 0.1oz Tape

Wilson Perforated Overgrip ►

Promotion details:
Orders from $50-$100 will receive a $10 digital gift card
Orders from $101-$200 will receive a $20 digital gift card
Orders from $201-$300 will receive a $30 digital gift card
Orders over $300 will receive a $40 digital gift card

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Benefits of Customizing Paddle
1:30 Installing the Hesacore Grip
5:45 Perforated Wilson Overgrips
8:39 Adding Tungsten Tape
10:03 Adding Edgeguard
11:55 Summary


  1. Giving away any of those sexy paddles?

  2. I found that the 30mm tape is a touch too long and looks unslightly. Went with the 20mm, less protection, cleaner look.

  3. What was the actual weight

  4. How do you clean your LUXX air since we shouldn't use carbon eraser?

  5. $800 dollars worth of LUXX on his table… May or may not be sponsored by Selkirk. 😎

  6. the elongated carbon hexacore grip is out of stock for 3 weeks now.. I wish I can get one

  7. I struggled so hard putting the carbon one on my luxx paddle and then after people told me to boil it first 😂😂

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