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#1 BEST Way to Become a Metaverse Millionaire (Play to Earn)

Play to Earn in the Metaverse is a super hot subject right now and for a good reason. Blockchain and NFT’s are making new ideas possible that were previously unattainable.

0:00 Intro
0:36 Play to Earn concept
2:06 #1 Earn Native Crypto
2:56 #2 Staking
3:51 #3 Generate Tradable NFTs
5:16 How to sell NFTs and coins

In this video, we talk about the top 3 ways you can make money with play to earn. We talk about the concept on a basic level so it is easy to understand. We believe it is going to be a huge advantage to be in some of these projects early. Over the next few weeks, we are going to dive into the Metaverse and position ourselves to make millions. Join us on our journey and learn as we learn.

Please let us know what Metaverse projects you are looking at or what free to play and earn games you are playing right now so we can cover them in a future video.

If you are interested in playing Spider Tanks or Town Star please click the link below. GALA Games founders nodes are still available For purchase as well.

Shout out to “The Sorensen Family Channel” for some of the Town Star content.

For more information about splinterlands visit: https://splinterlands.com

To watch more content like this and find more ways to turn your passion Into profit, head over to the New Money Gang channel: https://t.co/M79uVDT8I9?amp=1

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  1. Can a Fortnite skin be a nft?

  2. Anybody here actually making money in the meta verse ? Can you make money in decentraland ? Or sandbox?

  3. TCG world will be the metaverse to be in. 4k graphics, 800sq kilometre land mass, Get in early, its exploding at the moment.

  4. Great work, great video, amazing content !

  5. Great video guys!! The cool thing about Spider Tanks is that if you own multiple tanks, you can loan them out to the free to play players and both of you can earn rewards, plus if you own some land you can loan your tanks out and get those players to play on your land or arena and earn and that will help you upgrade the tanks and the land. The upgrading of tanks and land is cool because you will have the ability to upgrade your NFT to a new rarity. If you have a common then over time with playing the tank and land will be able to change to a rare or uncommon. GALA GAMES is the Truth!!

  6. Love Gala Games. The first company into metaverse

  7. Why is it that axie infinity games has a market cap of 5 billion and the price is $80. But gala games has market cap of 3 billion and price of $0.50 cent. Why the huge difference in price but not market cap?

  8. I love this video, not too long, and tell people how to earn money.

  9. CGU has over 5K players earning on P2E with no upfront costs and almost 100K on Discord.

  10. It took me a year to fully understand that YouTube is full of… youtubers, not crypto expert.

  11. I like how they casually say upfront investment. I tried joining some of Gala games and hell no to join a world one cost 120,000 GALA tokens you do the fuking math 😑😑

  12. Man, Thank you! I appreciate the shout out!

  13. I think don't miss Ertha. You should take a look at the project. Looks great. We are waiting for a video about Ertha from you.

  14. Doge Dash to the moon. Simple Play to Earn

  15. Meme lordz $LORDZ $8Million market cap, P2E,Minting LORDZ to sell and multiplayer tournaments. 95million supply

  16. the API is 43% right now for Splinterlands, it hasn't been above 100 for a while. When was this recorded lol

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