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How to Install a Herringbone Floor | This Old House

See how to use prefinished engineered flooring to create a chevron showstopper. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)
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Shopping List for How to Install a Herringbone Floor:
– Engineered tongue-and-groove strip flooring.
Have your supplier determine how much you need, but figure on 15 percent waste.
– Feature and apron strips, to frame the herringbone field.
– Flooring splines
– Molding, to create a guide for the circular saw.
– 3/4-inch plywood. Get one 4×8 sheet to make the nailing blank and a straightedge.
– 1 1/2-inch drywall screws, to attach the blank to the subfloor.
– 16-gauge 2-inch L-head flooring nails or ‘cleats’
– Wood glue
– Painter’s tape

Tools for How to Install a Herringbone Floor:
– Measuring tape
– Chalk line
– Trammel. Make one from a piece of scrap board
– Straightedge
– Framing square
– Miter saw
– Rubber mallet
– Router and 1 1/4-inch flooring bit
– Rafter square
– Drill/driver
– Flooring nailer
– Circular saw

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How to Install a Herringbone Floor | This Old House


  1. Yes very nice but a lot if tricks are not explained especially if the design needs to be done in an uneven and not square hallway or room and also if the needs to be done when the space already has other floors installed dictating the space and the space is uneven and not leveled. Also if your planks have any variation in the milling the pattern will strat the get deformed and your 45 angle will shift causing your lines to missmatch and you will get stuck. I've been professionally installing hardwood flooring for 18 years now and that video is only the tip of the iceberg with a fine polish lol. These kinds of videos make people think they can learn a skill that takes years to perfect (and even then not everyone can master it)in a few minutes of watching a video lol. Leave this kind of work for the professionals because I guarantee that if you try to do what this video shows by yourself to save some money, you will end up getting really frustrated and hiring a professional to fix and finish the job and pay extra for the wasted material and the work to rip out and fix all of your work. Hope this helps all the Duy guys reading this 😊

  2. He is making it very difficult to watch his way looks like a no no to me

  3. I can imagine the result I would get, mountainous ravines and peaks!

  4. This is really my favourite Channel!
    Thanks for your nice Videos,
    it is very enlightening,
    Waiting for your latest update.

    Drumsnab Parkette

  5. The Cliffs notes version of this project is 143 pages long. Some projects can’t be explained in 5 minutes. This is one of those projects.

  6. I didn't even have the patience to finish this video let alone try to finish this project

  7. Pretty straight forward. Thanks guys! #justhadapanicattack

  8. I did something like this a month ago with plans from Woodglut.

  9. A truly Master Carpenter: FESTOOL miter saw + Rolex GMT Master. Dude knows quality when he sees it, and also puts out quality work.

  10. That would be for expert level. It's beautiful and thank you for sharing

  11. Awesome video. You have inspired me to do a similar project. Why did you recommend cuttings the herringbone bone boards on the tongue side? Is that so you don't have to worry about making two types of cuts, one for each side? Wouldn't you want to cut on the groove side so the tongue can interlock with the board above it? Any light you could skied on this woods be greatly appreciated.

  12. Ok we.mark the center of the room and then.what?

  13. Great video. I've watched this many times in anticipation of a customer asking for this. Had a play the other day with tile (I'm a tile contractor in London) but the working lines didn't work out either side of the centre line as per the vid because of the 2mm joint in the tile. Should I have just moved one of the working lines over by 2mm? Thanks👍

  14. He said to make an arc on either side of the line then proceeded to make one on both sides. Come on, if you start off wrong then the whole project is messed up.

  15. this is old school workmanship at its best however way to complex and time consuming in todays market. you can buy left and right slatts perfectly milled ready to be installed. much quicker and easier but still requires skill and expertise for successful installation.

  16. Not a chance I would even attempt this.

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