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How To Install Your Nest Cam With Floodlight

The new #NestCam with Floodlight illuminates the night sky to keep an eye on the areas that matter most to you. The Nest Cam with Floodlight is designed to replace an existing floodlight with a wired connection.

Here’s how to install the Nest Cam with Floodlight on your home:

1. Scan the QR code on the Nest Cam in the Google Home app, then follow the instructions on how to remove your old floodlight.
2. For safety, turn off the power to your old floodlight via your home breaker first.
3. To start installation on your new floodlight, connect the green grounding wire provided to the existing grounding wire.
4. Pull the wires through the ground box, then secure the mounting plate to your wall by screwing it in.
5. Place the cover over the mounting plate. The blue arrow and G should be facing up. Once you hear a click, screw it in to secure it.
6. Connect the floodlight wires with the home wires: white wire with white wire, then black wire to black wire. Push the wires back through the cover and into the junction box.
7. Position your floodlight over the cover. Twist counterclockwise to align the clips with the holes, push, then clockwise to set in place. You will hear a click when it’s set.
8. Mount the camera to the front of the floodlight magnetically and connect the power cable to the camera.
9. Turn power back on. The floodlight will light up and camera will blink blue if it’s working.
10. Position the floodlights where you want them, then twist the knobs to secure.
11. Connect the Nest Cam to your Wi-Fi, and finish set up in the Google Home App.

To learn more about Nest Cam with floodlight, visit https://goo.gle/3BABdZS

Nest Cam with floodlight requires the Google Home app and a Google Account — it’s not compatible with the Nest app or the home.nest.com site.

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  1. Hi, I used the small anti-theft to lock the camera, but I need to change locations, and I can’t unscrew it. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Is there a kit for people who want to mount this on an exterior wall and not on an existing electrical box?

  3. I purchased but didn't realise it had no power lead like other cameras before. I plan to install this with a plug and cable. If i run 3 core (positive neutral and earth) can i connect the earth to the camera fixing?

  4. So far I only have one of the 5 up. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxOXxsTZ3ptV_Pk0fFl8bNZvVqeoqBQFwe My son ran out of time, with motion detector etc. I have it over my garage door. It works great. Have seen a couple of cats, my dogs, when I am out front. And had a bee buzzing around right in front of it. It works very well. It even shows the neighbour's driveway, but only shows movement just past my own, which is very long. I highly recommend them.

  5. Can I connect it using battery?

  6. I'm losing my mind trying to reinstall this floodlight cam after a network change. I've deleted it from my home app. Power cycled it and my phone. I don't have the QR code so am using the Setup Code alternative method using the code printed on the back of the camera. Every single time it drags through an extensive setup mode with cheery music – only to arrive at 'Something Went Wrong' after 8 minutes or so. The light on the device is green – does it think it is properly connected? Because it does not connect to my phone or account. I've done this 8 times now. I may need a straight jacket soon.

  7. Purchased a Nest Camera (wired) with floodlights. It couldn't find the device? I use home app with a doorbell, 3 interior cameras (plug in) beautifully.

  8. Can the nest cam with floodlight be added to the nest app. I already have it on the home app, but would like to view all my cameras on one app. The nest app? I try to add it yo nest app but keeps saying add it to home app. 😢

  9. Printed installation instructions would have been nice. And this product/video isn’t even listed if you use Google’s own support portal.

  10. I’ve enjoyed the Nest motion flood lights and camera. A qualified electrician installed mid-Feb. and I love it! The light is motion-style. Just last week I noticed the light stays on all the time. How to fix?

  11. Will this work with just the power lead that Google sell

  12. Can’t you just plug it in with a power cable like all the other wired cameras

  13. I was able to mount mine vertically. Follow the same instructions. The only differences are: Be careful which way you put the white mounting plate cover. There's an antitheft screw that has to match up with the direction the camera will face. Hanging from the s-hook will not work, just hold it with one hand and tighten the wire nut with the other, or get an extra hand or bungee to hold it up. Lastly, after setting up the camera to the app, go to the settings and rotate the camera 180 degrees.

  14. What size breaker is best for new installation? 15amp?

  15. What if the old floodlight's junction box is horizontally mounted on the soffit or the porch ceiling?

  16. I have four IQ cameras and cannot get any of them to connect to my new router. It’s so frustrating. Misplace that qr code and you might as well throw this device in the recycle bin. Yes – I have tried the code on the bottom of the camera and it just does nothing. Ever. Avoid this product and I will be transitioning away from Google as fast as I can. Terrible product.

  17. Can Nest Cam with floodlight replace an old outdoor light that isn't a floodlight?

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