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How to Repair Broken Badminton Racket Frame using SUPERGLUE

How to Repair Broken Badminton Racket Frame using SUPERGLUE

This video shows you how to repair a broken cracked badminton racket with superglue as well as replacing worn/damaged/missing grommets along with replacing its grip too. Finally, the racket was restrung as well as had stencil applied to it to look AMAZING!
The repaired racket was also playtested and turned out great! It’s a great way to recycle a broken racket and keep it playing.

Have you repaired a broken racket with superglue too? Comment below!

Items in the video:
Racket: https://geni.us/zspeed
SuperGlue: https://geni.us/djvib3s
Grip: https://geni.us/VMxN
Grommet Set: https://geni.us/98a8Yq
Super AMAZING cutter: https://geni.us/b57QaM
Other stringing tools: https://a.racquetdepot.co.uk/home.php?id=395&url=98

0:00 Intro
0:24 Racket turning into Pen
0:30 Racket condition
1:01 “Ingredients” needed
1:14 Step 1
2:23 Step 2
2:59 Step 3 & 4
3:24 Inspection
4:31 Grommet replacement
5:06 Regrip
5:20 Restring
5:54 Stencilling
6:02 Looking VERY GOOD!
6:46 Playtesting
7:24 Summary

Pro player rackets: https://youtu.be/uAzzjHiUOOs
How to choose your perfect badminton racket: https://youtu.be/S0J7oPz4vWo
Fake Yonex racket? 5 easy ways to check: https://youtu.be/rgN-gpVYiIg

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  2. hii my yonex Astrox 7DG just broke during clash not even one month over after brought. what can i do so that i can use it as a normal racquet, one of the shop told that they can do binding or something but i wont be able to string above 20 lbs. so, any guide from ur side 😢

  3. What string do u use when u restring

  4. stupidest repair ive ever seen, its just cheating.

  5. hi @CKYew, what stencil pen do you use? I was told that stenciling will make your shots slippery..

  6. Someone took the repair one step further using carbon fiber & aluminum molded piece : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBpd8YXxLbo
    The result is even stronger than new.

  7. Sir what kind of glue do you use..
    How to avail sir….

  8. Hi i just watched your videos but my racket problem was i heard a little thickling small rocks inside the frame is that nornal can I get it outside the frame please help me

  9. what tension did you use after repair? My racket originally was allowed to from 24-35lbs tension. After the crack repair, what should be the allowed tension?

  10. What to do if the frame is dent crack

  11. Can I still put 35lbs??

  12. I have a broken voltric 5,it has been repaired, now upto what tension can it be restrung?

  13. Sir please help the glue is stucked in gromet

  14. I repaired it but glue stuck in gromet please help

  15. Waste of time and resources. I tried it and it didn't work. After a few hits it broke again.

  16. Please tell me how to fill colour where it is removed

  17. Sir it is possible for ashaway company bat

  18. I want super glue ,can you send super glue to me.
    How mouch

  19. do you recommend gluing the crack while the string is on or should I cut it first? Also, which do you prefer? super glue or epoxy glue ?

  20. Can i use super glue in stringed racket??

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