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How to Repair a Rust-Out Part 2: Fiberglass Application

An economical and effective way to fix a rust out with fiberglass and body filler.

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Part 2 covers the application of fiberglass cloth. For step-by-step text and still pictures of this procedure see: http://www.originalmechanic.com/2013/10/how-to-repair-rust-out-with-fiberglass.html


  1. I'm not trying to knock the guy earlier he said this is nasty stuff then he turns around and put it on with no gloves at all. 😑

  2. before cloth you need rust converter on metal.anyway..nice video..greetings from croatia

  3. Ez komoly a kezed törne el te kokány bánat 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  4. Thats an excessive arrogant cheap job, Clean the rust for God's sake..

  5. 6:40 holy shit look at that finger

  6. All that rust unattended just sitting there. Was it a quick fix or permanent one? I guess a quick one because that rust will came back with a vengeance. A really good clean, rust converter on it, cut the rust out of the panel and treat that cut edge with phosphoric acid. Let sit for 24 hours. Primer and paint over the treated areas (inside panel) then patch it up with the fiber. Overkill maybe but more permanent.

  7. Aluminium mesh and epoxy filler would make the repair in such areas easier. Anyway good job.

  8. Is this a PERFECT way of doing a fiber job? No. Can you do yours a little better by removing/covering any remaining rust? Yes. Do you need to mention how he did his "wrong?" No. Just shut up, learn what you can, and improve on things you don't like. He is just offering a free video for you to learn some things from––that's it. It's F'ING FREE. smh

  9. using the scale is kind of hokey

  10. so u put fiber glass on rust? Alright…

  11. Some negative comments, but rember this is not a show car. I've done some body work and painting, and I believe this is an excellent video for someone who needs there car fixed to pass inspection, or just look better. I'm shure this guy knows eventually it's going to rust out again. But it could out last the engine. Thanks for the video enjoyed it. He's also very good at forming fiber glass. Not many people can work fiber glass like that. Evan professional body worker's won't use it. Unless the entire car is fiber glass.

  12. I’m surprised you didn’t use a rust killer.

  13. you had to really saturate the cloth first…….this is very important……..

  14. instruction unclear have fiberglass resin on my teabag

  15. Looks like he is enjoying himself

  16. Almost forgot, my brother used to buy old rusted out bombs & bog them up for resale. I saw him mix up about 5 kilo's of bog in one go once to fill a huge rust hole in the floor of this heap. But the Bog kept falling through the rust hole onto the gravel underneath.
    So he scraped up all of the gravely bog and remixed it with the good bog, then he took off his sandal and forced that into the rust hole & then bogged over it.
    It was a rough as guts job and you could tell it had been bogged up if you looked underneath.
    So to get around this problem, he went out onto the street & picked up every dog poo he could find & scattered them all around under this bogged up car. Now, no one who looked at the car bothered to look too hard underneath because of all the dog poo lying under there & he sold it pretty quickly.

  17. Dam good repair, only two things I could pick wrong with the repair job was that you didn't wack anything with a hammer & you didn't wash it down with Salt water first.
    Plus if it was me doing the repair I would have used cornice cement instead of fiberglass,

  18. Glad you put a shirt on that fiberglass gives me the heebie geebies

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