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How to Install BiFold Doors: How to Build an Extension (12)

Homebuilding and Renovating, in association with Folding Doors 2U, detail the process of building a single storey extension.
With Master Builder Andy Stevens we follow the build from beginning to completion, outlining all the major stages and techniques involved.

This is Part 12 – Fitting the BiFold Doors

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  1. Once it is in, what fills the cavity between the internal floor and the external block work?

  2. I have a serious problem my lock handle on bi folding door has broken and I can't lock .HELP

  3. If anyone want someone to fit bifold, french doors, windows in London kent send me mess.

  4. Thermal bridging? I thought you were supposed to install with some spanning of the insulated cavity?

  5. For the inside floor, how do you float the internal floor up to the doors? in other words, how is the cavity in the floor closed?

  6. I have never encountered any rubber gaskets that went in as easily as these did even with using glass cleaner etc as a lubricant.

  7. Very nice. How much is something like that? That would be perfect going into my sunroom.

  8. Great video, just done ours, retrofitted bi folds and added a roof lantern, check it out here


  9. How was the floor finished inside? Wasn't shown?

  10. Excellent
    I am Egyptian engineering aluminum
    Done this step to not allow cross a water & air and noise 😊😊😊😊

  11. what type of screws are you using there

  12. How is fleetwood doors … is there any comparable to them which are built well and storm rated

  13. Did you screw the bottom sill to the brickwork or cement it in place or is there no need for that?

  14. Whare your aluminum shop…
    What is your country name

  15. Am very better know aluminum work

  16. One sound of the drill machine and I am grilled.it's really suffocating in this small room and the adjacent from can serve as a kitchenette and play area for the little one.

  17. I am a teacher in technique Windows my chanel name Theodore david

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