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How to Repair a Fence Gate | This Old House

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook fixes a sagging, damaged gate. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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Roger heads to Charleston where he helps a homeowner repair a wooden gate that is sagging because its hinges have become detached. The existing hinges were small and not made for exterior use, so Roger replaced them with weather-resistant “butterfly” hinges that will support the weight of the gate.

Shopping List for How to Repair a Fence Gate:
– butterfly gate hinges, for securing gate to fence post
– lag screws, for attaching hinges
– 2×4 and wood wedge, used to prop up gate during installation
– 1 5/8-inch deck screws, for installing replacement gate picket

Tools for How to Repair a Fence Gate:
– drill/driver, used to drill holes and drive screws
– 3/16-inch drill bit, for boring pilot holes
– socket and hex-shank adapter, for driving lag screws with drill

“Butterfly” gate hinges are available at home improvement centers and hardware stores.

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How to Repair a Fence Gate | This Old House


  1. No one will ever know we replaced it.
    Goes and puts large head screws in picket.

  2. 1:08 what did you do to fix the gap you created here?

  3. Didn’t look like the gates lined up to me, but I still love This Old House!

  4. Mate I would've just got a piece of cardboard, traced the profile of the picket, bought a new picket and routered or jigsawed the profile. Saves stealing a picket from the backfence line.

  5. the gate drags on the ground and is uneven. what a terrible job. get your money back lady

  6. He stole a picket from the back so the neighbors dog can come in .

  7. Nice to see Roger doing better.

  8. Uhhhhh…. the gates aren't level.

  9. well done as usual Roger

  10. When i have done this on several fences .I always put the hinges angled slightly upwards instead of level .The weight of the gate will pull it down and it will be level

  11. At the end she opens the gate half way an it drags on the lawn hahaha

  12. Is it necessary to space one inch between both gates?

  13. If the owner gave u a hand, how much would you charge the project?

  14. Thanks for helping a south Carolina person

  15. Here's a fine example of an extremely gorgeous home owner! Geez! Cool project also!

  16. Steal a picket, why not just make one doesn't look too hard

  17. I vote you guys release a bloopers video.

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