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How To Install Your Schlage F Series Handleset (F60/F62/F93)

Schlage’s F Series Handlesets are the perfect finishing touch for your exterior doors, and they are incredibly simple to install. This video walks you through each step of installation to make the process even easier. Click here to learn more about Schlage Handlesets: http://bit.ly/SchlageHandlesets

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  1. This is the second home in which https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugkx0jZ_lGlDVJhDnmagEU8gn47cmfPNlLQU we've replaced our "regular" doorbell with a Ring video doorbell and we really enjoy it. It is very easy to install and it works very well, with a clear picture through the app and good in-home use (we added the chime, which is also easy to install and doesn't require another thought to use).

  2. Thanks for making this video. I found it very helpful when I switched the lever.

  3. This is terrible. Sure it talks about the 'handing' of the lever on the inside of the door, but it doesn't show that you cannot depress the lever downward when using this setup. All of the handlesets are for left open doors, so you have to PULL UP on the lever. It also doesn't show that the lever moves when you depress the pull handle button. Thanks for nothing.

  4. Wow! A nice, if superficial, video. It leaves out all the messy details that make installation problematic, however. But the big shock comes when calling the "Customer Service" number shown. I had a couple of simple questions, a couple of little problems. The number is for a SALES call center in India! I spent 10 minutes with someone I could barely understand, who explained I had won a $100 FREE coupon, but requiring I pay $3.95 in shipping. AND THEN, and only then, would they connect me to a technician who could help me. But after giving all my info and credit card #, then I had to speak to a SENIOR SUPERVISOR, who proceeded to try to confirm ALL my info via some bizarre computerized system. AND THEN I'd be connected to a tech. I gave up on the whole thing after wasting 15 minutes of my life. SHAME ON SCHLAGE!!!! I'll never buy any of their products again.

  5. Very good instructional video. Thank you for providing

  6. What a great instructional video for installing a lock on a standard pre-cut door. Thank you!

  7. Absolutely useless video, and the instructions it comes with are even worse. The one I have came with a "Geeorgian knob" and it would have been great if the instructions showed how to install it. The knob doesn't even open the door, so much for an easy install.

  8. Install was easy but the inside door lever is loose, it wobbles. Is there any way to adjust it?

  9. I would like more details on her handing techniques.

  10. Is the 'SUPPORT PLATE' an optional part of the faceplate? The depth of the router for my faceplate is only 1/16" deep and I do not wish to chisel it out. (In other words, can I simply remove it as I would for the drive-in faceplate option, but then put the regular faceplate back on, minus the support plate?)

  11. I dont have a hole at the bottom for my door handle. How do I do that?

  12. My latch would not turn far enough or release. Turns out I needed to pull the inside latch double "hole" horizontally (away from the latch itself).

  13. Just bought a Schlage Latitude Keyed Entry Door Handle/Deadbolt Combo. The locks on both handle and deadbolt only lock with key in cylinder and then cannot remove key. Does not seem right at all.

  14. I think I installed my handle wrong. The inside lever turns up to open the door instead of turning down. I can't seem to figure out how to correct my mistake. Can you suggest anything to help me? Thanks so much

  15. The video shows only a right swing door. My handle is a left. I tryed to reverse the handle for the swing of my door but no luck. I have to lift the handle for right swing door. this video was sent to me by Schlage does not cover this.

  16. What do you do if when you press the outside thumb lever and it is hard to push because it is also moving the inside lever?

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