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How to Repair a Windscreen Chip or Crack! Using a $35 Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit DIY Fix XR6 Turbo

Did you think those stone chips in your windscreen could only be fixed by replacing the glass, or by using one of those expensive mobile repairers? Think again! You can easily repair stone chips or cracks in your windscreen using a simple repair kit like this one from Rain-X. #MOTORINGBOX

🧰 *Parts Used*
Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit: https://ebay.us/YRk0BY

This video is not sponsored – I purchased the product shown at full retail price. In my opinion it performed the job well and is worth recommending to my viewers.

00:00 – Introduction
01:12 – What’s in the kit?
01:40 – Attaching applicator base
02:12 – Screw in resin chamber
02:33 – Squeeze in resin
02:51 – Screw in pressure driver
03:30 – Removing applicator
03:52 – Curing
04:37 – Scraping off excess resin
08:59 – Polishing resin
10:58 – Final thoughts

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  2. You paid $35! Boy did you get ripped off!

  3. Awesome I'd been tossing up paying someone or getting one of these kits… definitely getting a kit!

    BTW did anyone else notice the licence plate change?!

  4. Does it works on tinted glass? Or I have to remove the tints?

  5. We ignored our chip on the wife's windscreen, not believing the hype. Hot summer in Perth probably contributed to the chip becoming a crack about 6 inches either side of the original chip! So we had no choice other than to get a new windscreen, $295 ay Wayne's winscreens in Mandurah! Because it is illegal to drive a vehicle with what was by now, a cracked windscreen!Drove home in my car, stopping off at Lakelands for a m8lkshake and get6ing out of my Hilux ute, I noticed a tiny chip at the bottom in the middle of my own windscreen! So here I am, seeing how I might be able to do it myself. Preferably before it becomes a crack! Much more to repair.

  6. I bought this same kit at Walmart for $12 today.

  7. This was a helpful video, thanks. I repaired my windshield yesterday and wanted to add a couple of things. 1. When adding the drops make sure they go down into the lower part of the reservoir, it's more effective that way. 2. When scraping, you don't have to be that careful, just have the razor at 90 degrees to the windshield and go at it. The excess material will all flake off quickly.

  8. Using a tiny brush dipped in uv resin and "painting" over the dull areas (just the tiniest bit) will make it clear and shiny again after curing.

  9. thanks for the good video , i was just told $180 to $200 aud to get repair from a shop in perth, im going to supercheap auto n buying this rain x today after seeing this great video thanks man

  10. Great video I followed your instructions it did work for about 50% do you think I can repeat the process.

  11. Am from india nice video but its wrks perfect or not

  12. 2 days ses excessive for the curing process. On a sunny day it should only take 30 mins

  13. Great demonstrational video mate, really appreciated, thankyou.

  14. I’ve never paid more than $12 for this kit

  15. Excellent demonstration video, thank you. Confident to carry out this process, now.

  16. Your title says $35 are you serious I don’t know the value difference between Australia in the United States but in American dollars at Walmart I spent $11.98 on the same product

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