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How To Fix A Punctured Tubeless Tyre | GCN Tech Puncture Repair Guide

Tubeless tyres are a great revolution in cycling, but they can still get punctured.Ollie explains all you need to know about repairing a bike tyre that has got a hole in it that is too large for tubeless sealant to seal, so that you can ride home.

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If you have any tubeless tyre repair tips share them in the comments below!

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  1. Do you have any tips for repairing a tubeless tyre at the side of the road? Share them in the comments below

  2. Oh shit, I carry a spare tube, that thing is gonna be worth at least a hundred bucks for the poor hack who thinks tubeless is failsafe

  3. I personally still prefer inner tubes…….

  4. I haven’t used tubeless yet, hope to try it out soon, but that tip about how to get a tight fitting tire back on the rim was great!

  5. Let's turn to God Theseasonorg explains entire bible God bless

  6. I am a 31 year old male and I cannot repair my bycicle puncture… I feel pathetic.

  7. Got a puncture yday, bought a puncture repair kit and took the wheel off today… Then found out my inner tube was not inside the tyre… I was like wtf is going on! Halfords never told me there was such thing as tyres without inner tubes… Why am I paying the most money for less product.

    Absolute joke.

  8. I’m enjoying the bike so far https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxMesz3KOGEmwmvyKQfLfrRSUXLFzfVHZA My only real complaints are the brakes and the pedals. I feel like a bike designed for bigger people should have much larger pedals and more heavy duty brakes. I’ve only gotten two really good rides out of it, minimal downhill action, and the brakes feel like they’re already going out. A larger person has more momentum, so I think this wasn’t thought through very well. Also, I wear size 13-14 wide shoes. My feet cramp up on these pedals that are clearly made for smaller feet. Since I’m not a pro rider (and I don’t think many are who purchase this bike) I don’t think that the straps on the pedal are necessary at all. None of this takes away from the enjoyment I get from riding, however. I’ll just head to a bike shop to improve on a few things.

  9. Another tip to fix small tubeless punctures which keep opening up again is to carry a small tube of superglue gel and put a small amount in the puncture site. Never had to resort to that yet, but some of my club members swear by it. Always good to have options.

  10. No I carry 2 inner tubes just in case I can't repair the tyre 🤣

  11. Both my tires popped in 10 minutes in the grass

  12. Most sealants are crap. They dont work. Use the bacon strips !
    Punctures are getting stupidly expensive to fix also…

  13. Why r U Folk pushing Tubeless.
    My Specialized Bike Mechanic in Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 gets so many calls from guys who r stranded . Its phone 📱 a friend time ⏲️
    He suggests taking a Tube .
    Oh yes the Clean Up .

    I purchased the last 2 sets of ROVAL RAPIDE CLX AERO WHEELSETS 51/60 mm available anywhere in the World 🌎 according 2 Specialized Head Office 🏬 in Melbourne Australia & u guessed it " Clinchers "
    1400 grams each .
    Latest Versions 1520 grams .

    And l use Tubilito TPU Tubes 38 grams . Still lighter than the latest version available. Without all the Hassle.

    And Tubeless Tires/ Wheelsets require dismantling every 4/6 months 2 remove / replace the Sealant.. . Bollocks .

    Oh Yes the Mess

  14. Can’t I just call the AA?

  15. This video is 12 minutes too long

  16. Brilliant video, thank you very much for providing it! Makes me feel much more confident heading out there.

  17. This is my first year for tubeless, the tires don't seem to seal as well in the wet?
    I am going to get the repair kit.
    I have a puncture that is super slow, but I can go for an hour ride ok, it is in the tread.
    Luckily my floor pump easily popped the tire back on the rim, when I added more sealant.
    Salem MA.

  18. An empty Carb gel patch is the best for avoiding inner tube from going out through the hole.

  19. 8 mins 23 seconds in begins some really sound advice!

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