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How To: Install Vinyl Decal or Sticker

Installing a vinyl decal is a quick and easy way to improve your vehicles appearance. It’s something you can do at home in your driveway or garage in only a few minutes. We take you through a step by step installation of your new vinyl decal with both a dry mount install, as well as a wet mount install.


  1. Thank you,great video. Does the wet method make the decal pull up sooner?

  2. measure with tape ,add yellow tape one side pull back then use card hold decal up at 45degrees. while smoothing out

  3. quick and TO THE POINT!!!!!!👏🏾💪🏾👏🏾💪🏾

  4. Thanks for the thorough video!👍🏼

  5. Although kept at a minimum does it matter it the decal has small bubble like air pockets after the decal has been placed?

  6. Can I use liquid detergent ?

  7. I'm having tons of issues cutting and weeding 651 vinyl any advice?

  8. Great video…helped me install my General Lee door decals!

  9. Can I use dish soap and water to wash the hood?

  10. If I were to apply a decal on my vehicle outdoors, what would the ideal temperature be?

  11. I use a credit card or hotel card key when I don't have a squeegee kit.

  12. Horrible 'DRY MOUNT' application instructions….. as someone who has worked in the self-adhesive vinyl industry my entire career, I can tell you that this is NOT how to do it. WET METHOD? Generally correct – although I would highly question the use of 'baby shampoo' as a surfactant.

  13. what was the size of the star decal

  14. I just ruined a 40 dollar sticker because I didnt watch this video first.. FUDGEEEEEEEEE.

  15. Can I use regular shampoo ?

  16. Great instructions!  Got it right the first time, with the MOPAR version of this decal.  If you don't have a Quadratec squeegee, a Bondo spreader works really well, and you get three sizes in the package.

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