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Pink® Batts® How to install underfloor insulation

Step by step instructions to learn how to install Pink® Batts® SnugFloor® insulation.

Detailed installation instruction for Pink® Batts® SnugFloor®-
Detailed installation instruction for Pink® Batts® Polyester-


  1. This is wrong. Never fold the insulation over, it decreases the r value. Cut it to friction fit properly (1" bigger than cavity)

  2. Ok not to fill the joists100% and have it as shown with just the part closest to the ‘ ceiling’ of the joists. I thought you’d need to fill the whole joist cavity. I was planning on doing then putting a piece of plywood on the joist to cover it. Thx for considering.

  3. I am curious as t why foil is banned as mentioned in he video.

  4. I am Canadian and trying to help out at my mum's house and found this super helpful. Thanks so much!

  5. Very helpful info. Thank you! Question: Have you ever had any problem with rodents or animals chewing on your batts?

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