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How to Fill and Repair a Damaged Hollow Core Door

How to make an invisible repair of a damaged, moulded, hollow core door – with 2 part epoxy wood filler.

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The ceramic door plate fell off a few years ago when one of the children slammed the door and I glued it back on with Gripfill adhesive – because it had cracked around the screw.

When I decided to get rid of the door plate for good (let’s face it, it’s a bit dated!) it pulled off the painted outer coat /veneer of the door, leaving a large ugly patch of timber.

After pondering for a while the best way to mend it, I figured that a thin coat of 2 part epoxy wood filler would be the best way to repair it.

It’s best to apply the wood filler directly to the damaged hardboard, without priming it as you get a better adhesion rate. Then all you need is a decorator’s knife, sand paper on a block and a bit of patience to get it looking as good as new again.

Today’s Tool Kit
– tub of wood filler https://goo.gl/osR18a £6.60/ $8.46
– decorators knife https://goo.gl/cnWtne £2.69/ $3.45
– chisel although the decorators knife would do just as good a job
– stanley knife https://goo.gl/xIN7Yj although cheaper ones are available £11.99/ $15.37
– 120 grade sand paper and wood block
– Armstead 1 ltr quick dry wood primer undercoat https://goo.gl/PTXSwa £10.80/ $13.84
– Johnstones Trade oil based satin finish

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  2. Hi Charlie! How do I mimick the fake "wood grain" raised texture when repairing a door like this?

  3. Thank you so much! I need this.

  4. What if the door has a texture on it?

  5. Wow great video! That’s a clean fix!

  6. If only the paint is chipping off can we just sand and repaint or do we need to use the wood filler?

  7. Do you have to sand the whole door and paint the whole door?

  8. Class. Do you find the oil based satin paints yellow in time?

  9. Brilliant work! Will this technique work for damaged mdf, assuming we chase out the fluffy section, fill then sand? Cheers 😊

  10. Helpful. would the same technique work for an mdf cabinet door ? Thanks

  11. Charlie, thanks for the video and job well done.

  12. Thumbs up. Just to let you know, when you are showing the box with the 2-part wood filler at the end of the video, some ad, or the next video rectangle comes right on top of the container you are showing. So, it is difficult to see the brand and name. After doing it frame by frame, I managed to see it is "Metolux 2-part Wood Filler, New Eco Formula".

  13. knew i'd find this here. Thanks to your videos i am becoming a competent Diyer! so many many thanks! The downside to this is i've got too many jobs from friends and family lined up!!!!

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