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How to Install Shower Panels | The Panel Company

In this video we show you how easy it is to install bathroom Shower Panels. Shower Boards are easy to install and don’t require any special tools or skills. There is no need for grouting. This makes them very easy to install, clean and maintain, making them excellent for not only bathrooms, and other rooms in your home but commercial space too. For more information and to see our full range of options we have available visit our website – www.panelcompany.co.uk

Products in Video |
– Ancona Contempo Tile
Ancona Contempo Tile 500mm x 2.7m
– Biella Contempo Smooth
Biella Contempo Smooth 500mm x 2.7m

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  1. Thank you but first find a higher bench to work on my back is bad watching yu. Have a great day !! -;).

  2. Great video. I am fitting this product on a brick wall, should i put plasterboard on first then this? Or can i just put this on, will adhesive stick to brick?

  3. I’m loving this panel but can’t find it on your website. What is it called?

  4. I guess you don't sell this in the u.s

  5. Those end caps looked neat ??????

  6. Can we fit panels horizontally? I’ve ordered panelling but don’t like the way it will look installing vertically.

  7. I was very impressed with the video tutorial, however I have a question about the cladseal, if you are going to fit a shower enclosure then the sloped part of the clad seal would prevent it sitting on the tray and up against the wall don't you have to cut away a section so it will fit?

  8. Good video but as with most videos on here there are no shower pipes to work with, so it's not helpful unless You're boarding round a bath

  9. Can you do a video of installing them in a living room back wall as on a brick & plaster wall not ply lined ?👍👍

  10. I wish I could have shown this to the clown who fitted mine!

  11. I can see that water can get in between the silver trim and the panel. While it does not leak outside over the wall, this is still a source of limescale deposits and mould growth. I wish there was a sealant placed between the edges of the panel and trim. The sealant can be cleaned or removed if it has the same issue, but that crevice between the trim and panel is not accessible for cleaning.

  12. Very professional video! I have a couple of questions. Is it crucial that the clade seal strip and internal corner trim are used? or can you butt the panels together in the corner and to the shower tray as long as you use plenty of sealant, and if the cubicle is constructed of wedi board and well tanked to prevent ingress of water.
    It's just that the trims make the overall look, less attractive.
    Many thanks for the video.

  13. How would you recommend fitting when pipework for mixer shower is already there? Would it be a case of measuring where the pipes come out and drilling holes? Or would you joint around pipework?

  14. Would we install a shower before or after the installion of the panels???

  15. Did you cut the panels to the floor at the edge of the tray?

  16. Ive striped the bathroom back to brick, can I install OSB for the walls & panel over it rather than have the plasterer board & skim before paneling? I'd rather do osb walls. Thank you.

  17. Hi, what is the thickness of the clad seal trim. Would it fit behind a bath tap mixer? Thanks

  18. Do you use any silicone inside the internal corner trim before fitting the panels into it?

  19. Why don't they make them with a thicker face so you don't get that horrible ridging along the face ? beats me

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