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How to Install a Glue-Up Shower Enclosure | The Home Depot with @thisoldhouse

Learn how to install a glue-up shower enclosure with these installation steps. Redo your shower with a simple kit, using adhesive to bring it all together. For more bathroom updates, check out our DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas playlist: https://thd.co/2l6Sd4q

Visit our How to Install a Glue-Up Shower Enclosure guide for more details: https://thd.co/3rumjQN

Follow these steps when Installing a Glue-Up Shower Enclosure:
0:00 How to Install a Glue-Up Shower Enclosure
0:30 Remove Existing Enclosure (If there is an Old One)
0:46 If Water Damaged, Remove Wallboard and Install New Board
0:58 Dry Fit the New Panels
1:25 Trim Wall Panels for Installation
1:49 Dry Fit Again to Double Check Cuts
1:56 Mark Edges and Apply Adhesive
2:24 Install Wall Panels
2:54 Install Corner Panels
3:00 Let Adhesive Dry for 24 Hours
3:07 Caulk the Panel Edges
3:20 Reinstall Shower Hardware

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How to Install a Glue-Up Shower Enclosure ​| The Home Depot

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