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How To Install Laminate Planks Horizontally On A Wall

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  1. this is cool, Im going to do an accent wall with real wood plank veneers. A little on the pricier side but i think this same tutorial should work out

  2. I'm a rebe hahal. I started on the left and went right, I also had to rip one in half and started with that on the bottom. Rather have it low so it doesn't stand out because it would at the top in my case.

  3. Very nice, i like how the instructions are not rushed. Gonna do this to one room tomorrow. Thanks.

  4. Did anyone else notice that when they measured the 3/16th in gap, they actually marked it at the 3/8th inch mark? at 5:06 in the video

  5. what is the best way to go around doors and windows?

  6. Lowes has the best 'how to' vids..

  7. What about power outlets?

  8. Can u wallmount a 65inch tv on this walls?

  9. Can this be applied to the wall above an electric fireplace insert?

  10. I'm curious as to why right to left? It doesn't say in the video the reason for this.

  11. This is the exact installation video as posted by Pergo. Only difference is the man voice instead of a woman’s voice.

  12. So, everything I can find on laminate flooring (both vinyl and wood laminate) indicates that it must be a "floating" installation. While actual wood movement only occurs across the grain, the melamine vapor layer and the HDF core will expand and contract in both directions. Doesn't that mean the combination of an adhesive and a mechanical connection would lead to failure? And if it doesn't move because of those connections, then is the expansion gap necessary?

    I love the idea of this in general, but the installation here seems to run contrary to all of the recommendations of the material.

  13. This will be good for soundproofing The Division between my room and my daughter's room is a plasterboard wall so I'm thinking of putting this on one side of the bedroom

  14. Make SURE TO wear a self contained breathing apparatus to cut all planks. IT IS IMPERATIVE that you use a plastic trash grabber claw to do all work in front of your power tools, in case they extend outward and rip your hand off. MAKE CERTAIN that you use 1 entire tube of the most expensive gorilla glue adhesive on each and every plank AND ADDITIONALLY fasten them with 1" aviation grade metal galvanized bolts. You may want to rip apart the entire house to make sure that there is a treated and waxed mohogany wood stud at every 5" point through the entire span of the wall for safety.

  15. Super helpful video, but PERGO is expensive… I purchased LOWES floor laminate with texture i liked at $1.03 /sq foot CAD and the look was amazing! here is my install video https://youtu.be/bYQ8I-EVaX8 The cost was under $100 with the glue, I also did this in 2 bathrooms… I did an experiment by placing the same planks outside in winter and rain for 3 months and the planks weren't even damaged. Thanks Lowes for inspiring me and having incredible sales….

  16. where are you live ?I am carpenter work with us…

  17. This was so hard to listen to… Using words like adjoining and thereafter. Was the script written by an engineer? And the narrator doesn't help either. He isn't speaking like a normal person explaining steps to someone else. He's reading in that weird narrator voice, and I wonder if he's even comprehending what he's reading. Just my opinion.

  18. Since its being screwed and nailed to the wall does it really expand and contract? I mean I mean when installing on the floor it is left floating no adhesive and nails so it can expand and contract

  19. Beautiful but expensive
    It’s breathtaking btw

  20. Very helpful video — what about using stick on laminate that looks like floors? Is that a good idea? If so, would love to see a video on that project. 🙂

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