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How to repair Alloy wheel Rims without painting!

Just Launched the Website: https://mad-4-motors.com/

Today I show you how to repair alloy wheel rims that have become dull and corroded over the years, the process I use has only a small cost and involves no painting!

Products used: 180,240,400,600,800,1200,200 Grit sandpaper
White diamond Metal Polish
Rubbing compound Farcela

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  1. Did you just dry sand no wetsanding?

  2. You are amazing. You are great. You do such great and interesting videos that I want to do this myself and see what happens. I have rims that are damaged. Thank you.

  3. should you wet sand with the higher grit?

  4. do you need to clear coat it afterward? i think my rim has a clear coat. was told could turn white chalky if you dont

  5. Finished wheel looks good. I guess this might tarnish pretty quickly without a spray of clear coat though?

  6. yo thanks very much bro. this was very helpful 💖

  7. Thanks! I have this exact problem on some old wheels and i'll use this method.

  8. yes very good but will go dull in no time and will oxidize

  9. Should i clear coat my wheels when i complete all the steps????

  10. after removing paint and clear coat from Alloy rims, do i need to add a clear coat sealant, or can i just use the metal polish and leave it like it is?

  11. Would you not need to clear coat them again? otherwise really great result. I am afraid it wont last if there no coat to protect them

  12. All this hard work and if it were to be left like this it would stay this good for long. You need to clearcoat the rims to protect against the elements, also this will make your rims shine more. ✨️ 😎☝️

  13. 😂😂😂 stupid video the alloy will oxides with no lacquer on it total waste of time

  14. Love the video! Quick question, did you put clear coat on your rims after polishing? Is the oxidation not gonna come back if you don't put clear coat on it?

  15. Great video, going to try this on my own rims. How long did it take you to do roughly?

  16. You have beautiful hands.

  17. Is it worth spraying clear coat onto the alloy after this work .??

  18. can we start at 400 or 500 grit sand paper ?

  19. Lovely finish, but I'm shocked by the way these expensive wheels have gone bad in the first place.

  20. Yes but, how do we get the tyre on and off though?

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