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How to Install Tile on the Bathroom Wall [Step-by-Step]

This video will show you how to install tile on the bathroom wall. If you are planning on a DIY wall tile installation in your bathroom, you are in the right place! This video will show you how to do the following, step-by-step:

– How to prepare the cement board substrate
– How to choose the right materials for the wall tile job.
– How to install wall tiles on the bathroom wall
– How to cut the tiles
– Tips and Tricks for a clean wall tile installation

For more detailed installation information, check out my “How to install wall tile” blog article linked here: https://atimprovements.com/how-to-install-wall-tile-in-bathroom/

This is Episode 9 in my Bathroom Renovation series in which I took my dated half-bathroom and completely converted it into a full bathroom – completely DIY!

Link to the full bathroom remodel time lapse video:

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Affiliate Links to Products in video:

Dremel Tool:

Dremel diamond blade wheel:

Schluter Kerdi Shower System:

Schluter “All-set” thinset:

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Timecodes below:
0:00​ – Intro
0:40 – Cement Board (Durock) installation
0:58​ – Materials Needed (Tiles, Thin-set, Leveling System, etc.)
1:18​ – How to Install Wall Tile
3:52 – Installing tile profiles
4:54​ – Cutting the Tiles around Outlets, Obstructions, etc.
​7:42 – Removing the tile spacers/leveling system
7:55​ – Grouting, Caulking, Finishing Touches
8:09​ – Before/After Reveal
8:24- Outro


  1. How could I do this on a bathroom wall that is already prepped and painted? It’s behind my bathroom vanity.. I just want to tile it to prevent water splashing on an already painted wall.. a mirror will then go between the tiles 🙂

  2. How flush should wall tiles should be flush relative to each other? A handy man tiled my walls, but there is an obvious dip(v-shaped) between two tiles and one is sticking out by a few millimeters(1/16 – 1/8).

  3. Nice guys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Fabulous video and job! How did you clean the mortar from the grout joints? Did you run a putty knife through the joints? Seems like sponge alone might not get the joint fully clean. Thanks again!

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  7. I use the dewalt cordless grinder to cut outlet’s ( thin blade)

  8. Well done! Great commentary & visuals. Gorg finished bathroom tileing!🤗🫵👍

  9. Bathroom looks really nice! Good work man

  10. Don't you have to waterproof the concrete backer board ? oh, wait, schulter is your waterproof membrane.

  11. you are not a professional guy, but you have a lot of professional tools. Amazing!

  12. I didnt clean much in the grout lines. Do I need clean it out before I grout?

  13. I just have to replace some tile on my bathroom wall, but now I want to renovate it all, great tutorial, thank you Andrew.

  14. We, it's the first time I tiled bathtub/shower walls… Let just say thank goodness it's a guest shower.. We made lots of mistakes but learned from them.. I will say that my tiles are not all the same size from the box, which threw our lines off.. Almost each tile was a diffrent length out of the box…ahhgggg.. Unfortunately, I waited to remove the thin set, and yes, what a pain.

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