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How to Install a Thermostat | The Home Depot

Learn how to replace your old thermostat with a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat to make a big difference on your energy bills through the changing seasons. This video will teach you how to replace a thermostat or how to install a thermostat for the first time. You’ll learn the steps for measuring, wiring and adjusting the thermostat to ensure the table is properly aligned. For more related videos, see our Home Thermostats playlist: https://thd.co/3jm8jEW

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Follow the steps below to install a thermostat:
0:00 How to Install a Thermostat
0:15 Types of Thermostats
0:58 Tools & Materials
1:25 Step 1: Turn Off Power to HVAC System
1:38 Step 2: Separate & Label Wires
2:02 Step 3: Install New Thermostat Base
3:13 Step 4: Mount Thermostat & Restore Power

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How to Install a Thermostat | The Home Depot


  1. This video actually sucks because it assumes you know which wires are, as the host says, “appropriate.” The colors don’t always correspond between various models nor do all models, especially older ones, use the same wiring pattern. Mine has 7 screws and 4 wire colored while the instruction for my new one uses no screws and shows how to transfer from a 5 screw device.

  2. Now let’s see a video without the old existing thermostat?

  3. Nest smoke and CO alarms can shut off the furnace with the nest thermostat if CO is detected

  4. Wonderful How To video! Explained very well !

  5. LISTEN.. your heat thermostat kicks on because the room temp drops. It drops from leaking windows, doors, bad insulation. I say set your Stat where your family is warm. It will kick on/off no matter what it's set at. As long as windows leak it still cycles at 68 or 78. Caulk leaks.

  6. I have a question maybe someone can help answer?
    Some landlords control the heat directly themselves ,not the Tenants in some apartment complexes. What is the reason for this? Is it a deal they have with the energy provider and they receive efficiency credits back? I think most people like the ability to control their own Thermostat. I am aware of the warranty laws that the landlord must follow.

  7. Old thermostat had one wire to RH and one wire to W/B and a jumper from RH to RC (but I don't have air conditioning. The new thermostate has B, O, G, T, W, Not Used, R ad RC. So, where do I put the wires? I'm assuming I would put the RH into the R and the W/B into the W. Is that correct? And I would think I would just not use the jumper, since I don't have air conditioning. Help!

  8. Wow. This is just about the most worthless install video I've ever seen

  9. She left out the part about all the different wires you may need to run depending on what you had installed before.

  10. Why would I need to adjust my thermostat while I'm away? Turn it off when you leave. Turn it on when you get home.

  11. She needs to get screwed.

  12. How do u know which color wire goes to which one??

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