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How to install Samsung The Frame 2021 & 2022

**** NOTE: This video was created with a 2021 Samsung Frame TV, but the installation process for both 2021 & 2022 model years is identical. The only difference is for 2022 Samsung improved their documentation and included a paper template in the box to make installation easier. For an overview of the 2022 Samsung Frame TV features, see the other videos in our channel. ****

The new ultra thin 2021 & 2022 Samsung The Frame TV are amazingly thin, but the install hardware can seem confusing at first. Come see how easy it really is to install.

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  1. Does anyone know if the 2023 install differs to 2022/21?

  2. I missed the part where I can see the side of the TV so that I can see the actual separation or gap from the wall.

  3. Nice video! Any issues with the remote sensor noticed that the frame would hide that. Thank you.

  4. While the rest of the world use millimeters – metricystem..
    And you don't use a bolt driver for decadent work on a single layer drywall.
    Anyway, hallo from Stockholm.

  5. I’m gonna set my 65” tomorrow but, I’m confused with this dry wall videos. Mine is a her wall and I would simply drill and put up the frames that come with the tv. My question is that slim wire that goes at the back through the gap would ultimately come out at the bottom. That means the wire is still visible. How to avoid it unless i set it up on a dry wall?

  6. Hi there, we have a wall socket behind where we would mount the tv where our existing tv is plugged into. Would this be an issue for mounting this tv?

  7. Helloo 🙂 I'm trying to find that magnet thingy, that was used to guide the wire in the wall. Can someone please link me up. Thank you!

  8. No model 2022 please 🙏🏻

  9. Any tips on how to get the TV off the wall again? Mine was mounted before we made holes for the cable. It feels pretty stuck in the mounts now..

  10. I actually work with installing these to people. Usually between 5-10daily and they are very easy to install. Takes about 5-10minutes from the box to hanging on the wall.

  11. Nice video! I have couple Samsung TVs at home. I use arts from my channel to display art instead. They work so great!

  12. Ok it’s a Toggle Bolt. Can those handle my 75in tv frame? Thank you 🙏🏽

  13. Great video. I have the 75in 2021. Can the white you call it a what “tugbolt” can I use that to install the 75in tv frame or would the tv frame 75in be too heavy? Thanks in advance. Please sent a link where I can get those t”ugbolt.”

  14. Am I overly cautious? I'd never want to hang my expensive tv on drywall.

  15. How long is the one connect cord?

  16. Btw they do include a template to scale – it's the other piece of paper on your table

  17. Can we install the mounts facing outwards? Will it make a difference?

  18. am i supposed to have a 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap from wall to tv? seems more than i expected.

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