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How to Install a Steel Door Frame in Steel Stud Construction

The Steel Door Institute (SDI) demonstrates how to install a steel door frame into steel stud construction. Other installation & troubleshooting guides can be found in English and Spanish at http://www.steeldoor.org/installation.php.

SDI member manufacturers have been tested and certified to make high quality doors and frames. Choose quality. Always ensure your doors and frames are provided by SDI members. http://www.steeldoor.org/members.php.

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01:02 Use the right anchor
01:24 Plan for the flooring
02:26 Types of frames
03:37 Stand up the frame and align spreader
04:03 Install anchors
05:08 Insert spreader and set frame plumb, level, and square
05:28 Attach steel studs
07:53 Drywall is installed

See the right way to install a steel door: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9Bng9dwVNE.


  1. I gotta reverse engineer a door so thanks for the hardware run down.

  2. This is a great example of how you are supposed to install a metal door frame but fails to show how long before you replace said frame. Yes installation makes sense and is right, but I have to replace these steal frames and doors, because they rust.

  3. It's hollow! You forgot to fill with cement?😮

  4. I got two words. Fuck all that bullshit.

  5. You failed to mention that you should also check that the door frame is on the same plane by cross stringing before drywall. Especially and certainly on double door openings. String should touch where they cross. If not, the frame is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted.

  6. For the love of hell use a plumb bob to plumb your frames not a level!!

  7. Steel next to steel.
    It's time to get the welder.😁👍👍

  8. i like to use two 4-5 foot rips of sheetrock around 10" on both sides of frame, temprorarily to secure the top of frame…just a little trick that helps free up a hand

  9. Watch How to Drill hole through steel stud to mount TV. https://youtu.be/4iAoSWOrYbM

  10. In college, this was awesome ty.

  11. Learning, mark! Good Job! Thanks for sharing!

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  13. Do you teach how to build the spreaders?

  14. I made door frames for a number of years. It made me laugh when the steps said to always use a grinder to remove welded on spreader bar (which I agree) but some of the people on the recieving end, bitch about how the spreader bars are welded on securely and not lightly tacked on so the carpenters can twist it off… which they dont realize the spreader bars are tacked on pretty well so it doesn't break during transportation or carrying through building, the frame itself is flimsy AF when carrying.

  15. If the spreaders are in the door, how is the DE installer going to circulate? Why is not much more practical to install the steel studs, then DW, all to rough dimensions (2 inches more than the exact size of the actual door) and then to build the door frame around the rough opening. Also, hanging the actual door on the door frame while trueing the frame makes for a more rapid installation.

  16. Can the jamb clips be purchased separately? If so, where?

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