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How To Repair the Strap Edging on a Handbag Yourself

This is a professional DIY Video on how you can repair the edging on your handbag strap yourself and also order a DIY kit right from our website at www.handbagedgerepair.com. This tutorial video shows you step by step instructions to repair the edging yourself and simple instructions on how to order your own DIY Kit. Don’t throw your handbag away because the edging is worn, you an fix it for a low cost! Visit www.handbagedgerepair.com for more information.


  1. The handbag you were seeing had a raw edge, so how did you add the black edging while it was constructed. I thought the black edging would be added first before you put it together.

  2. Anyone know a cheaper alternative to the paint?

  3. 02:15, looks like P.V.A. glue, which interestingly is also water soluble. 😁

  4. This is so cute. He's carved out little wood blocks and everything. Everyone, get behind him! Purchase the kit. He deserves it!

  5. I just tried this kit and I’m just amazed at how nice my edging looks! I love it. The black and brown colors didn’t really work for my bag, so I mixed them until I got the perfect color. Who knows how long it will hold up, but it looks a million times better than it did before. I’d recommend it for anyone with patience and a steady hand.

  6. Just repaired my favorite handbag and wallet strap! The wallet strap looked awful. The material jad worn down to fabric and I "patched" it successfully. Bought a Kate Spade bag used for cheap because this strap has an issue and now repairing.

  7. Great on the edges, kit is a knock out, but the strap went from all cracked and split on the sides to new looking. You have a vid on that? Please show link.

  8. Just received my kit! Excited to get my handles back in tiptop shape!

  9. Nick Offerman? Is that you?

  10. omg my Michael kors is saved to think I was just going to give it away

  11. I bought this product and I highly recommend it. I repaired my MK purse and omggggg came out perfect can’t even tell the straps were coming apart. Thank you thank you. If anyone wants to see pics or a video of before and after I will gladly email you some so you can see how great this product is!

  12. What is the name of this kit?

  13. I ordered mine a couple day ago, received it today… so can’t wait to use it to repair my MK bag. MK charges $75 plus shipping and handling just for the repair of the straps no thank you I will do it myself 😄

  14. How long does the repair last?

  15. Mine is not that damaged, but can i just paint it with regular paint? But same color as the edge of the handle?

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