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How to Install a Chain Link Fence | The Home Depot with @thisoldhouse

Installing a chain link fence is a project that can be completed in a day or two, depending on the area. Of the many fencing options, chain link is among the most budget-friendly. Check out our Fencing playlist for more tips and tricks: https://thd.co/2BXAB6i

Check out our How to Install a Chain Link Fence guide for additional information: https://thd.co/3iUY3DI

Follow these steps to install a chain link fence:
0:00 How to install a chain link fence
0:20 Check permitting requirements and utilities locations
0:33 Layout fence layout and mark fence post locations
0:44 Dig post holes
0:55 Mix concrete and add to post holes
1:34 Add terminal posts and line rail clamp
1:55 Use mason’s line to measure line height and cut post holes
2:18 Run top rails through holes
2:28 Measure and cut bottom rails
2:50 Installing chain link fence fabric
4:15 Installing chain link fence gate

Shop everything you need to install a chainlink fence at The Home Depot:
Chain link fence fabric: https://thd.co/3rAusDi
Chain link fence posts: https://thd.co/3BEPmps
Chain link fence gates: https://thd.co/3rBLjFL
Line post cap: https://thd.co/2TFlOqG
Top rail: https://thd.co/36ZrBdJ
End post cap: https://thd.co/3y7qjcw
Rail ends: https://thd.co/3BSuQSu
Tension bands: https://thd.co/2UHkLHn
Tie wire: https://thd.co/3rAErIC
Tension Wire: https://thd.co/3y8eDGj
End post / corner post: https://thd.co/2TGQJTy
Tension Bar: https://thd.co/3iMbEgp
Chain link fence accessories: https://thd.co/3BKZxZu
Winches: https://thd.co/2VglE9m
Concrete: https://thd.co/3kTYoZO
Gloves: https://thd.co/3i6PMgM
Post hole digger: https://thd.co/3rCM0hX
Wrench: https://thd.co/3iS5ZVY

Find even more DIY project ideas from The Home Depot: https://thd.co/DIYGuides

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How to Install a Chain Link Fence | The Home Depot with @thisoldhouse


  1. She was in This Old House

  2. Can you just drive in your line post without using concrate?

  3. 24” deep even in states where it freezes or go down 43”???

  4. You guys sound like your doing this for bears like I am!! lol Upstate NY is home for me.

  5. I would have hinged the gate on the post that had the fabric on it. When you hang a gate on a single post, it tends to sag.

  6. Nice video but not a very detailed video. After doing a chain link fence and re-watching this video let’s me see how many steps are left out of not really explained

  7. Funny you show a black fence when home depo doesnt even sell a black one smh

  8. "Run the top rails through the holes" 😉 Hey tatted daddie, I see what you did there!

  9. "Until it's toat " you mean tight right?

  10. I love this old house. Such a great source of knowledge.

  11. How much concrete per terminal post ? Line post?

  12. oh man. I only did my post a 1 foot deep. Its just a 4 foot gate door to my trash area. Plan to do a concrete slab so post will be inside of that.

  13. What would the cost be to install one

  14. The video states to use a portable bandsaw to cut the tops of the line posts. That’s not a real common tool in the arsenal of many DIY homeowners. I think an angle grinder with a metal cut-off wheel or a sawzall with a bimetal blade could work as well. Kudos for keeping the video straight forward and simple.

  15. Thank you, Now I have a fence that can block off Karen's croutch goblins from my dogs

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