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How To Install A Shower Pan Base And Drain – FAST And EASY!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to install a shower pan base and drain – fast and easy! This is a great DIY project that can save you money, and it’s not as hard as you might think. So watch the video, follow the steps, and enjoy your new shower!

Here is the follow up video. How To Plumb A Shower Drain – Connecting Shower Drain To Plumbing

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Intro 00:00
Shower drain install 01:23
Leveling shower base 05:59
Mortar mixing And spreading 07:50
Setting shower pan 09:95
Anchoring shower pan 10:01
Outro 10:44

Disclaimer: This video is all based on my personal opinion and is for entertainment purposes ONLY. I am not a financial advisor, CPA, attorney, tax advisor, electrician, plumber, housing contractor, designer, or any type of profession to give advice. I am just a consumer sharing my experiences and research. If you do need knowledge for those types of things, I will advise you to seek help for those professionals.


  1. Here is the follow up video on how to plumb the drain

  2. Just used lepage 2 in 1 Express Silicone and it failed the leak test, called them Henkel and they said it is not for use to seal drain, it says on label premium flexibility sealant. Josh have you had any problems with plumbers putty yellowing or degrading the fibreglass? Love all your videos!

  3. Great sharing lodz some negative comments just egnored them but they are important for the view πŸ˜…πŸ˜…watching from Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  4. How do you attach the drain to the pipe? Do you have access to the underneath? What do you do if you don't?

  5. Have termite damage in the bathroom walls, since they're not load bearing they can be sistered so I have something to hang concrete backer board and Sheetrock on. It's the outside walls that concern me.

  6. You showed me how to put entrance doors in and J-channel around one of them.πŸ‘

  7. It’s good to know I’m not a builder but love to watch

  8. That was very interesting. You did a great job, very solid install! So the shims were to lift the pan slightly for draining.
    Love that shower pan, very nice!

  9. I think i have to totally redone my plumbing the pipes dont quite line up

  10. Man you are a wealth of knowledge. How did you learn all this stuff? just by "doing"?

  11. So you connected to drain to the shower pan, but not the drain to floor?
    Do you cut a hole in the ceiling and hook that up after?

  12. I find when mixing mortar in a bucket, it's better to put about 80% of your water in first, which for a full pail is about 4 inches. Then add about half your dry ingredients, mix it into a slurry, then add the rest. This help prevent dry mix from collection in the bottom corners after mixing.

  13. WhF would you suggest when putting galvanized tn the walls

  14. The contractor I hired for this job needs to watch this video before accepting clients. He messed up big time, shower base out of level that ended up with drain issues.

  15. Hey y'all, check your manufacturers instructions – mine says not to use plumber putty because it will "degrade bathtub material" — says to use latex/acrylic sealant or a gasket

  16. Do i have to use cement board if i want to install a corner shower board from delta??? Helppppp❀

  17. You completely left out the detail where you dry fit the drain to the pipe to verify it connected AND you didn't show putting any glue on the pipe… seems sketchy.

  18. the drain is going to work "grate"?🀣

  19. that shower base can "receive" either a wall surround or tile correct?

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