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How to Take Notes | Science-Based Strategies to Earn Perfect Grades

These are the best method to take notes in class, lecture, or from the textbook. With deliberate incorporation of active learning study methods, you can spend less time studying while simultaneously getting better grades. Here’s how.

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00:53 – Note-Taking Foundations
03:39 – The Verdict | Notebook vs Laptop
03:48 – Eliminate Distractions
04:01 – Avoid Transcribing
04:37 – Take Advantage of Images & Figures
04:57 – Use a Tablet
05:50 – Note Taking
05:55 – The Cornell Method
06:19 – The Outline Method
06:58 – Note Interacting & Reflecting
08:00 – Summary Sheets
09:16 – Synthesis Questions
10:14 – Flashcards

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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/medinsiders
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/medschoolinsiders


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  1. Thanks for watching =) If you want more study tips, check out my weekly newsletter here: https://medschoolinsiders.com/newsletter

  2. I think cornell suit with non-science field

  3. I tried "outline note taking" method. It is really much better than cornell method.🎉
    In this wasting of lot of space can be reduced unlike cornell method.

  4. wouldn’t have known that notability has drawing features; i use it

  5. old news along with MS Windows ad.

  6. My issue has always been when to know when a topic is a Subtopic or another main point.

  7. Congratulations thank you for sharing.

  8. ReMarkable also does the job 🤌🏾

  9. Summarize every paragraph in one or two sentences chain link them into one concept while understanding and actively thinking through each paragraph then any questions pull up chat gpt tab copy and paste and ask it to “explain it to you as if you were 5 years old for the most simple context of the note” Thank me later

  10. The first step I would suggest the process of elimination, divide them in topics like important, not important, useful to read , then —– for the important topic make typed outline or notes + your simplest understanding of the notes in hand writing + diagram ——– for useful to read =make head topic & write the important one in 1 or 2 line and mention the references like page number of books , writers , or date of the lecture and any link topics …… For not important write down all the headings and keep it at the front of your notes because you might have to put them in the important section …

  11. 6:01 Cornell Method (Not recommended to incorporate active recall)
    6:23 Outline Method

  12. Handwritten notes are more memorable and customizable then digital – Handwritten is a win for me! The less I have to touch my phone or a laptop the better.

  13. In terms of avoiding/minimising distractions, I have my iPad entirely dedicated to study, no social media or games just email and work (study) related apps and have found that helps me as I only associate my iPad with studying.

    I am watching this video so obviously it’s no where near flawless but definitely find that strategy has helped me in the past couple years 🙂

  14. Honestly, this video sucks. It tells you what do to, but not how to do it. You'd think you'd get the key information of how to actually do it given the title of the video

  15. I have Asus ZenBook with a pen. For notes use OneNote (I love their powerful search! Saved me on multiple exams 😅) First I made outline handnotes but while revising I add some info fron the web on the topic, add images or reorganize everything for better understanding and remembering (tables, mind-maps, timelines, etc.) Yea, it is a lot of additional time but it works much better than just repeating multiple times to learn by heart 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. How about samsung s6 lite for budget users?

  17. Interpretating the lecture notes then?

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